Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle of the Year [Guide 2023]

The first rule of being an airsoft sniper is to have an appropriate rifle and we have made an in-depth search and tested hundreds of them to come up with the best airsoft sniper rifle of the year. After reading this post, you will realize there is no need to spend tons of dollars to find a great sniper rifle!

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle of the year

You can use the list below to choose your best airsoft sniper rifle as we know it is compelling to make such a list and gather all the information from around!

Airsoft Sniper RifleOur selection forMagazine CapacityMaterialPrice TagTypeFPSAmmo
BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62Cheap Airsoft Sniper Rifles20-RoundsABS/Metal BarrelCheck on AmazonSpring (Bolt Action)450.20 gr and Above
Well MB4411GTop Pick Airsoft Rifle25-RoundsABS/MetalCheck on AmazonSpring (Bolt Action)410.20 gr and Above
ICS M4A1Best for the Entry-level29-RoundsABS/Metal BarrelCheck on AmazonSpring (Bolt Action)400.20 gr and Above
TSD Tactical Series SD700Best Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle30-RoundsABS/MetalCheck on AmazonSpring (Piston)450.20 gr and .25 gr
Well m187d Metal  500 FPS Airsoft Sniper Rifle25-RoundsABS/MetalCheck on AmazonSpring (Piston)550.20 gr and Above

When they are upgraded with tight bore barrels, powerful internals and outfitted with a good scope; it is time for you to be a tactical airsofter. Some of the sniper rifles have scopes and bipods already.

Now, we learned the best airsoft sniper rifles currently on sale and it is time for the accessories & airsoft sniper rifle scopes. If you are wondering the best seller sniper rifle accessories & scope check out this link.

We have prepared a guide for the airsoft rifles as well. If you are wondering the best airsoft assault rifles for beginners, best M4 airsoft guns, and best airsoft AEG you can check out our “Best Airsoft Rifles to Master the Field” post.

You can read the followings for the in-depth review of our best sniper rifle list:

What is the Best Cheap Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

We do not recommend going and picking the cheapest rifle out there. But, we do expect a reliability and accuracy from them. Therefore, we picked the BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 as the best cheap airsoft sniper rifle. It has an outstanding price vs performance, frankly it is shining!

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 Review

Best Cheap Airsoft Sniper Rifle

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Usually, the cheap airsoft sniper rifles are lack of built quality; however, the M62 Airsoft Sniper Rifle is exceeding our expectations. Here are some specifications that we would like to highlight about this airsoft gun.

  • POWERFUL SPRING LOADED – Highly Detailed and Shooting Powerfully with .2g BBs
  • HIGH QUALITY BUILT – Airsoft gun replicas with detailed finish and ABS polymer construction to reinforce platform
  • PRECISION MADE – Precision machine made shooting longer distance with added stability and precision
  • FAST LOADING – Airsoft guns using Clip for fast and simple reload for quick turn around
  • BOLT ACTION- Highly realistic bolt action to load and release on shooting with real feeling for authenticity

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 can easily be upgraded above 500 FPS.

Yes, the M62 comes with a speed loader as well.

This airsoft sniper rifle has great accuracy up to 80 feet. On the side of the shaft there’s the hop dial, we would recommend getting a better scope. It does come with a scope but it is not very good therefore we recommend buying a separate scope.

Available scopes for airsoft rifles online: Check Out on Amazon

If you are wondering what is the best bang for the buck airsoft guns for sale; we definitely recommend M62 Airsoft Sniper Rifle. If you are wondering the best bang for the buck M4 for airsoft, you can check out our Best Airsoft Rifle of the Year post.

What is the best Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

We would like to present Well MB4411G Bolt Spring Sniper as the best airsoft Sniper Rifle out there! It is not as expensive as the Novritsch SSG10, but the built quality is very well. So we would like to put an end to this debate and it is the best airsoft sniper to buy out there. Here is why:

Well MB4411G Bolt Spring Sniper Review

MB4411G is a Bolt Spring and it also includes Scope and Bipod

Check Price on Amazon

First of all Well MB4411G Bolt Spring Sniper is highly durable and designed for all-weather. It has the complete set with bolt action. You will notice that the first shot tend to sound louder which is exciting though. Also, the bipod is included in the package. It comes with great features and thoughtfully design which we usually see on the more expensive models. This is the main reason why we pick MB4411G as the best airsoft sniper rifle.

If you are an experienced airsoft sniper, you can hit the target from 200 feet away with .20 gr BB with Well MB4411G. So, you can conclude that its accuracy making this baby a great option for long range practice.

The outer material is ABS, it is on purpose. It protects the sniper rifle from moisture and other weather conditions. Wait for it, the inner part are much more durable metal. The material construction is thoughtful; the Well Company did not compromise on both portability and durability.

The Well MB4411G, comes with an adjustable hop-up and tactical frame. The recoil is minimized and picatinny rail system makes it highly customizable. It is good to note that the package comes with sling, scope and bipod. Therefore, we would recommend testing it before purchasing items for other accessories and upgrades.

What is the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle for Beginner

The GF 52004 Sniper Carbine GF29 is a bolt action sniper rifle. It is the best airsoft sniper rifle for beginner level. Its performance is above the average of the airsoft sniper rifles we tested so far, and it comes with a very reasonable price. Therefore, it is very eligible for the entry level airsoft snipers.

GameFace 52004 Sniper Carbine GF29 (GF529) Review

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle for Beginner

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The GF529 is one of the most popular airsoft sniper rifles out there, due to its reasonable price tag. This is the reason we recommend it as the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle for a Newbie. It is quite precise and has an adjustable hop-up. The down side of this piece is the plastic material. So, in long terms, it may cause some durability issues, but it can offer a lot for a sniper rifle at $90.

We liked the simplicity in its design, it is not complicated but it is accessible and it is a very good option for a newbie airsoft snipers. It is not as heavy as the full metal airsoft sniper rifles out there, which is good for beginner level. Of course, we would recommend the models with more metal parts for the more advanced airsoft players to overcome some durability problems.

The GameFace 52004 Sniper Carbine (GF529) has only one metal part and it is the precision barrel. Also, the magazines are made of plastic, so pay extra attention while loading since it can be damaged.

To sum up, we appreciate its shooting accuracy, and it can get more precise when the hop-up is adjusted. The GF529 is the bestest for the beginners and highly recommended.

What is the Best Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle?

The TSD SD700 is the most realistic airsoft spring sniper rifle. All the inner parts made of metal and the outer casing is shock-resistant. It is made of high quality ABS. It is the most durable one out there, the SD700 continues to work no matter how often it is been used in the shooting range. Actually, the most of the best airsoft sniper use this model. The good thing is, it can be upgraded to 500 FPS easily. Apart from the Well M187D in our list, if you are looking for an airsoft sniper rifles 500 FPS, you can pick the TSD SD700 and upgrade it 500 FPS and more above.

TSD Tactical Series SD700 Review

Best Spring Rifle

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The power output of TSD Tactical Series SD700 is great. It is a spring piston airsoft sniper rifle both affordable and lightweight, although it has a sturdy construction. The only con of TSD SD700 is the short warranty.

The TSD SD700 is a complete replica of the same thing used by field agents and special operations in the Police and Military. It is shooting at whopping 450 FPS and using a long barrel. This gun is great to be a seasoned pro airsoft sniper. Its construction is of ABS anti-shock plastic and Metal. Its stock and trigger guard is made of ABS and its barrel, outer barrel, trigger, receiver, RIS rails, bolt and bolt handle are made of metal.

We would recommend picking up a scope for this airsoft gun to make an actual sniper rifle.


  • Metal Barrel
  • Metal Bolt Picatinny
  • Weaver Scope Rail
  • Functional Safety
  • ABS Anti-shock stock
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Package Includes: 2×30 round magazines
  • Sling
  • BB speed loader

We would recommend using high quality .20g and .25g BBs for higher performance, better accuracy and to prolong the life of your TSD Tactical SD700.

What is the Best 500 FPS Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

Are you looking for an airsoft sniper rifle with scope? The best 500 FPS airsoft sniper rifle with scope and bipod is the Well M187D rifle. You don’t need to upgrade it, since it has already high accuracy and perfect power output above 500 FPS.

Well M187D Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun Review

Airsoft Sniper Rifle 500 FPS & 600 FPS

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The Well M187D comes with 3x9x40 zoomed scope and bipod. Also, its knobs are adjustable. At first, we thought it was going to be cheap made. However, out of the box we painted it to match our scenery and then sighted it in, for how much we paid we were really impressed.

This baby is shooting around 530 FPS with .25 bbs and we have recently been shooting .30 bbs and it’s shooting around 500 FPS at around 75 ft. Therefore, if you are looking 500 FPS Airsoft Sniper you can consider the M187D. We’ve found this airsoft rifle to be very durable, simple to operate, and accurate out to 125-150 feet.

The Well M187D is purely spring powered but its accuracy and power are surprisingly good. It is possible to hit your target at about 80 yards with the M187D. It is like the Novritsch SSG10, but it’s a LOT smaller and easier to carry.

Bottom-line for Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

There are a lot of options out there with unique design. But, we recommend going with a sniper rifle in the beginner level, if you are a newbie. For the more experienced airsofter players, you can enjoy the top gun airsoft sniper rifles in our list.

You might think of how to loadout for airsoft. We recommend checking our Dutch the Hooligan Loadout post for a sample airsoft gear & loadout. The Dutch is a great player, and does great job in the field!

How to find the right airsoft sniper rifle for me?

There are some points that you need to consider when choosing the right airsoft sniper rifle. Make sure your airsoft rifle;

  • It should have great precision: Precision of an airsoft rifle is related to hop-up, spring, internals and the scope.
  • It should have a less weight: While picking the least weighted airsoft sniper rifle, do not compromise on the quality built of full metal body.
  • It should have length of good relation to your body: The adjustability is highly important as well as the comfort. Remember that as an airsoft sniper, you are a tactical, stealth and patient airsofter who will spend lots of your time while sneaking around to find your target.
  • It should be customizable and upgradable: All the airsoft sniper rifles in our list are upgradable out of box! On the other hand, some of them does not have scopes readily.