Running 10 Miles A Day: Is it Healthy? [2023]

Running is one of my favorite things in the entire world. I track my mileage, I track my time, and I love running. Every single day, I make it a point to run outside. Lately and by lately, I mean the past, I want to say 8 years or so, I’ve made it a point to run at least 5 to 6 miles every day. But it hasn’t been until this past year that I’ve been running more than 6 miles a day. Actually, every single day I’ve been running anywhere from 6 to 10 miles every single day. Without fail, I am running and loving it. So, I’ve been running for at least an hour every day.

Emotional and Physical benefits of Running 10 Miles a Day

I would like to share with you my insights of running 10 miles a day. How I feel and physical benefits of 10 miles run and I will be answering the frequently asked questions about running 10 miles.

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Running 10 Miles a Day: How do I feel?

I’ve been feeling incredible. I feel amazing, my body feels strong, and my system feels strong. In addition to all of this, I am eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, really trying to work on my sleep. I am keeping a positive attitude and spending time with people that I love and keeping focused on my passions and the things that bring me joy.

It is bringing me so much happiness into my life right now. So, one of the questions that I get often from people is why do I run so much. How can they become a good runner? How does one get started?

Basically, people want to know why I run so much and why I do it every day. Here’s my answer, I can’t really say that there’s one main reason that I love running every day. But, if I were going to give one reason, it would be that running is the one thing that brings me peace of mind.

It is the one thing that calms me down every single day and brings me back to a place of grounding and balance.

I believe running is a gift that makes me feel good. Putting all of the physical benefits aside, while running I just process everything that I’m worried about, stress, anxiety, anything and everything, it all goes away.

I love running outside in nature, because it forces me to look at greenery nature. Looking up into the sky, it helps me to put things into a perspective. Also, it helps me to breathe more. I like to call running my active meditation. Even though I’m moving, somehow my brain goes completely quiet. It doesn’t matter how much loudness is in there, I’m able to burn off that steam.

Running 10 Miles and Physical Benefits of This

In being physically active, no matter what it may be, whether you choose to run or do soccer or bike, it is so good for your body. It gets your blood rushing through your body. It gets your heart pumping your heart rate up. It is so good for you to get daily exercise, even if you are just walking for 20 minutes a day.

So, my daily standard used to be 6 miles and now it’s around 10 miles and tracking my runs every single day. Anybody who criticizes me and says oh you should look skinnier for running 10 miles a day that’s not always the case!

I still eat a lot and make sure I get in my calories. I’m still building muscle. Being physically active doesn’t always equate to being real thin. It actually means having a very nice toned healthy body. Healthy doesn’t always mean super skinny or super muscularly ripped either.

There’s a nice balance in between where you can enjoy being physically active and having sustainable health as well.

So, I guess the real reason I love to run is that it brings in the emotional release. One time in the day, I feel like I can be myself, free and I can process everything. It’s the one thing that calms me down, and I consider it a gift.  

If I can encourage you people to start walking or jogging, I promise once you get in the flow and the groove of it, it’s going to help you not just physically but emotionally. You are going to love it.

Keep in mind you that I’m not a doctor or a physical trainer, so if you need help and getting assistance being physically active, definitely check with one of those sources before you get started, the trail awaits!

Now it’s time to answer the questions I got from you!

How to Run 10 Miles a Day

A lot of people ask me how I got good at running. The answer is that I was never really good at running. I may still not be great at running. I’m definitely not a sprinter. I’m a long endurance runner. When I first got started on just little runs, I was barely even running. For weeks at hand, I just went for really long walks.

How to Train for a 10 Mile Run?

I would go outside and just walk for an hour. I’d put on my earphones and listen to music. I did that for a few months, until one day I just started like a slow jog.

At that point I jogged for like 5 minutes and I felt out of breath. Then, it became ten minutes, and ten minutes became thirty minutes, and then I alternated between walking and jogging for thirty minutes.

Finally, I was hardcore running for 45 minutes, and then I built up to an hour and it took months to be able to get there.

I know a lot of people don’t like working out. They don’t like high-intensity training. They don’t like anything that may feel like a torturous workout. But I’ll tell you this; running to me does not feel like torture at all. To me it feels like a relief like therapy. It feels like that one time in the day that I get for me to enjoy where I can clear my mind.

Is running 10 miles a day healthy?

If you don’t have any existing health issue, running 10 miles a day should not be a problem. Again, you should definetly go and ask your doctor to get approval prior to start 10 miles run.

It is an ideal way of burning fats. Usually, an avarage person burns 10 grams of fat per mile run. Therefore, with 10 miles of run, you will be able to burn 100 grams which is huge. So, if you will start running 10 miles a day, you should definetly eat a lot to restore the energy back in its place. It also is very important for your body to recovery for the next run. One more point to consider, you should choose healtier options which include more fiber and protein. Otherwise, you may harm your body and the way it works.

How long should I rest after running 10 miles?

If you are addicted to run like I do, you can run every day. But, at the beginning, your body should get accustomed with the situation, it needs time to process 10 miles a day. So, if you are going to start running from walking and then step by step going up to 10 miles, you will be ready for next 10 miles in next day. However, if you want to run directly 10 miles, you will need to rest 4-5 days afterwards to refuel!

How long does it take to run 10 miles?

Average time to run 10 miles is 90 minutes assuming that your average speed is 6.7 mph. However, most of the time, it is not easy to keep the same speed. Also, sometimes, you may need to switch in between walking and running. So, it is very normal for your 10 miles run to take 2 hours.  

If you want to run fast, you should also choose your running shoes carefully. To run fast, you need a speed trainer. However, 10 miles run is not an easy task, and comfort and cushioning become more important. Therefore, I will go with the running shoes with the most cushioning.

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