Best Patagonia Jackets Selection Guide [2023]

Today, we want to list the Best Patagonia Jackets and what you need to know about them. To begin with, Patagonia is the most popular company which produces high-quality gears for the outdoor enthusiast. From the price vs performance point, it’s so competitive that you definitely need to consider a Patagonia jacket before looking elsewhere.

Best Patagonia Jackets and Their Key Points

We had a chance to use and test many Patagonia jackets and compare them with each other. So, we narrowed down the list for you and selected the best Patagonia jackets to end this debate once and for all.

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Best Patagonia Rain Jackets

Best Patagonia Rain Jacket is the Torrentshell 3L

Here’s the table we’ve put together to help you understand what you need to know about the Torrentshell 3L Rain Jackets of Patagonia:

Best Patagonia Rain JacketPatagonia Torrentshell 3L
Overall Score75/100
Our Selection ForBest Price vs Performance
Price TagRates on REI
Men’s / Women’s
Water Resistance85/100
PocketsTwo Hand Pockets
Weight13.9 ounces
Expert ReviewPatagonia Torrentshell 3L Review

The Torrentshell 3L is both best budged and high performer. We liked its hood design, durability, abrasion and water resistance.

Torrentshell 3L Rain Jacket Features

  • Waterproof Fabric is 3-layer H2No Performance Standard shell
  • Layer construction is 50-denier 100% recycled nylon, polycarbonate PU membrane, tricot backer
  • Number of Pockets: 2 zippered hand pockets
  • Its lower pockets are NOT hipbelt friendly
  • It has Pit Zips
  • Its hood is NOT Compatible with Helmet
  • It can Stow into pocket

As the water-resistant fabric, Patagonia uses H2NO fabrics. It is being developed and tested by Patagonia. Here is the test result for the H2NO water-resistant membrane:

  • Water-proof rating is in between 10000 mm and 20000 mm.  
  • Breathability rating is in between 12000 and 15000 gram/meter square (24 hours)

Best Patagonia Synthetic Insulated Jacket

Best Patagonia Insulated Jacket is the Nano Puff which uses synthetic insulation

Here’s the table we’ve put together to help you understand what you need to know about the Nano Puff Insulated Jackets of Patagonia:

Best Synthetic Insulated Jackets of PatagoniaNano Puff Insulated
Price TagRates on REI
Men’s / Women’s
Water Resistance80/100
Weight11.9 oz
Insulation60 gr Primaloft Gold Eco
Expert ReviewNano Puff Review

The Nano Puff jacket is one of the most popular down jackets in the market place which is super durable, lightweight, wind resistant.

Patagonia uses Primaloft and its variants for the synthetic insulated jackets. Primaloft Gold superiors almost all of the other options out there. It has a better warmth to weight ratio. Also, for the wet condition the Primaloft Gold can trap almost all of the warmth inside. This is why Patagonia doesn’t try to stuff their products with too much fill to produce a warm jacket.

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Best Patagonia Goose Down Jackets

Best Goose Down Patagonia Jacket is the Down Sweater

Here’s the table we’ve put together to help you understand what you need to know about the Down Sweater of Patagonia:

Best Patagonia Goose Down JacketsPatagonia Down Sweater Hoody
Price TagRates on REI
Men’s / Women’s
Our Selection ForBest for Town Use
Water Resistance60/100
Weight15.1 ounces
Fill Type800-fill Advanced – Global Traceable Down
Expert ReviewDown Sweater Hoody vs Nano Puff

The Patagonia Down Sweater has 800-fill Advanced Global Traceable Down. We found that Patagonia has an environmentalist approach and we appreciate it. However, the Down Sweater it is not water-proof, so make sure to have a shell whenever you plan a trip to wet environment.

Highlights for Patagonia Down Sweater:

  • Sewn-through baffles
  • It has 2 zippered hand pockets and 1 internal zippered chest pocket
  • Hoodles option is available in market place

Best Patagonia Winter Jackets

Winter Jacket is the Tres 3 in 1

Here’s the table we’ve put together to help you understand what you need to know about the Tres 3 in 1 Parka of Patagonia:

Best Patagonia Winter JacketsPatagonia Tres 3 in 1
Score (%)75
Price TagRates on REI
Men’s / Women’s
Our Selection ForThe Feature Rich Jacket
Weather Resistance70
Weight2.88 lbs
Fill Power700-fill Goose Down
In-depth ReviewTres 3 in 1 Parka Review

What we liked the most on Patagonia Tres 3 in 1:

  • It has proven to be very waterproof, the insulation is a good compromise for warmth and activity

What we don’t like on Patagonia Tres 3 in 1:

  • It is a little longer cut than I would like- Kind of Large
  • The insulation in the sleeves seems a little light.

It is warm enough as a combination for pretty cold days and easily adjustable to the situation. About our only real complaint is that the zippers are plain zippers for the body of the jacket.

Best Patagonia Fleece Jackets

Best Patagonia Fleece Jacket is the Better Sweater

Here’s the table we’ve put together to help you understand what you need to know about Better Sweater of Patagonia:

Best Patagonia Fleece JacketsPatagonia Better Sweater
Exper Score %78
Price TagsRates on REI
Men’s/ Women’s
Comfort %80
Warmth %90
Layering Ability %40
Mobility %70
Breathability %40

Patagonia’s Better Sweaters are our favorite fleece tops. They’re ultra-cozy and they look great in town or on the trail. So, how do you make a better sweater even better? Patagonia now builds the Better Sweater from 100% recycled fabrics. Everything but the zipper teeth is made of completely recycled materials.

We love that Patagonia is committed to reducing their environmental impact with these. The fleece fabric is blue sign approved and the low impact dyeing process minimizes water and energy use. That’s something we can all feel good about.

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Short Story of Patagonia

Short Story the company: How they started.

The founder of Patagonia is Yvon Chouinard who is an outdoor enthusiast and environmentalist. Their origin story is interesting though! In the beginning Yvon Chouinard was creating then selling climbing gears when he was 19 years-old. In 1973, the company which was originally founded as Chouinard Equipment in California, split into two and Patagonia Inc. was born.

Patagonia has manufacturing sites in more than 16 countries and most of their products are being manufactured in Asia.

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