New Balance 992 vs 993: Complete List of Comparison [Guide 2023]

Here, in this post we would like to make a comparison between the New Balance 992 vs 993 and share our experiences and explain their key differences.

New Balance 993 vs 992: Main Differences

There is never a dull moment when it comes to decide which shoes are better for your feet. New Balance sneakers are noted for their comfortable fit and supportive shape. Also, New Balance has been improving its shoe models for numerous years to increase support, running and walking experience, and cushioning. A comparison of the New Balance 992 and the New Balance 993 will help you decide which pair of running shoe is best for you.

Main differences between the New Balance 992 and the New Balance 993 can be summarized as follows:

  • The New Balance 993 is more stable and supportive than the 992. But it is slightly heavier than the 992 as well.
  • Also, the 993 has a narrower toe box.
  • We found that the New Balance 992 is more breathable than the 993.
  • Considering the durability, the New Balance 993 is very sturdy and more durable than the 992.

We have prepared following table to help you better understand the New Balance 992 vs 993 comparison:

Comparison of #New Balance 993New Balance 992
Our Score92/10088/100
Our Selection forCushioned Premium Daily TrainerDaily Trainer
Deals & Discounts on AmazonRates Men’s / Women’sRates Men’s / Women’s
FeelPlush Cushioning (3/3)Balanced Cushioning (2/3)
FlexibilityModerate (3/5)Flexible (4/5)
Weight-gr (M/W)14-ounces13.5-ounces
Width OptionsNarrow/Normal/Wide/XWideNormal/Wide/Xwide

We recommend further reading to understand their differences deeply.

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New Balance 992 vs 993 Key Differences

Because they are both from the same 99X series, the New Balance 992 and 993 have an akin appearance and arch support. However, they are different in terms of cushioning. The New Balance 993‘s key characteristic is its structure, which provides substantial stability and cushioning while walking or jogging. In addition, the New Balance 993 is heavier than the 992 due to the addition of superior structural support technology in the heel area, which provides lateral stability and a flawless transition on heel strike.

ABZROB cushioning is included in both the New Balance 992 and the 993. However, New Balance 992 combines it with SBS technology while the 993 combines with DTS technology in order to provide a softer heel strike and greater flexibility from toe to heel.

The Fit

The interior padding of the New Balance 992 and 993 is the same thickness. Users report that the New Balance 993 shoes are narrower in the toe area than the 992s. However, this does not imply that you should get a larger size. If you have flat and standard width feet, go with true to size in 993’s. If you get your New Balance 993 according to size, you’ll receive a superb snug fit. Furthermore, according to the on New Balance’s website, 993 shoes are currently available in regular, wide, and extra-wide widths. So, if your feet are too broad, you can obtain true to size and adjust the width.

When it comes to New Balance 992 sizing, if you order true to size, you will still have room in the toe area. So, if you want to wear 992 shoes but need a snug fit, choose half a size smaller than your genuine size. 992s are presently only available in regular width on the New Balance website. If you have extra-wide feet, going true to size may result in a tight fit.

Comparing the Upper of the 993 and the 992

Comparing the Upper

The New Balance 992 is a little chunkier than the other sneakers in the New Balance 99x line, featuring a typical mixed-material upper while the New Balance 993 features high-quality suede and mesh. A mesh base with leather and suede paneling on the toe, sides, and heel, as well as a stitched-on “N” emblem, make up the upper.

The 992’s breathable mesh allows for quick break-in and aids with foot ventilation. While this pair appears to be overly cushioned, it is still a great summer sneaker!

Made from pigskin suede material, the New Balance 992 is much more breathable, loose, lightweight and easy to take care of. However, it may not be as water resistant as other New Balance shoes. It is also obvious that no matter how soft the pigskin is, suede looks much better than pigskin.

Both shoes also have padded tongues. This soft and padded lining provide support for the ankles and even extra comfort.

Comparing Midsole & Outsole of New Balance 992 vs 993

Comparing the Outsole and Midsole of New Balance 992 vs 993

Both sneakers feature with quite similar specialties. Their ABZORB midsole technology which provides light and soft cushioning makes you feel like flying among the clouds! Also, the well-padded cushioning of both sneakers makes you ready for any activity through the day.

New Balance 992 in comparison to New Balance 993 features a slightly thicker ABZORB midsole and a usual mixed-material upper. This large and thick midsole provides lightweight cushioning and dependable stability, making it ideal for any activity you have planned for the day. New Balance 992 adds well-padded cushioning on the heel and tongue for increased plush feel and support to give you an elevated level of comfort.

The sole of the New Balance 993 is quite thick as well. Both sneakers feature a multi-density midsole with ABZORB which provides additional cushioning. So, this extra cushioning arranges a smooth transition and ideal cushioning. In this way, your feet do not feel much pain while running or jumping.

Although the New Balance 992 is a well-made shoe in general, some users have complained about minor flaws in the finish. Many reviewers noted that their pair had apparent glue stains at the midsole panel, and that some portions of the shoe had loose thread.

Yet, New Balance used shock-absorbing technology on the heel and forefoot to make this pair comfortable on the streets. Unlike the innovations used by other sneaker makers, this technology will not degrade or flatten over time.

The Durability of the 992 vs the 993

In terms of durability, New Balance 993 shoes are said to be superior. The upper paneling on both variants is somewhat different. The New Balance 993 shoes are made of a more durable material. When comparing the tongues of the 992 and 993 models, you will see that the 993 has double suede leather strips that reinforce the laces area. The black leather strip is in front of the white leather strip.

On the other hand, there is no continuous layer of suede reinforced on the lacing area boundary in New Balance 992. Additionally; while New Balance 993 shoes contain a little 3M strip on the vamp, which is a weather-resistant, retroreflective, and long-lasting substance, New Balance 992 shoes do not.

Short Review New Balance 993

New Balance 993 Review: Expert Score 92/100
Expert Score

The New Balance 993 has a low top which is excellent for wearers that are worried about chafing. It can be used for daily walks and running rather than rugged terrain.

Extreme comfort is felt by the wearer thanks to the ABZORB midsole technology. ABZORB midsole provides an ideal cushioning and smooth heel. Another outstanding midsole called ACTEVA makes the shoes last longer and prevents them from deteriorate easily.

No one can go wrong with a pair of New Balance 993 wearing on feet, whether you are going for a quick run or a long walk. After all, it was designed to be a running shoe.

Premium price tag comes with extra quality materials. The New Balance 993 is made from high quality suede-mesh in order to provide the light feeling.

Thanks to the full-length rubber, 993 improves its durability in high density areas which makes the shoe’s life last longer.

Pros for New Balance 993

In here, we have listed the pros for New Balance 993:

  • Durable
  • Quality materials
  • Superior traction and cushioning
  • Lightweight

Cons for New Balance 993

In here, we have listed the cons for New Balance 993:

  • Pricey
  • Narrow toe box
  • Not enough traction
  • Harder heel

Short Review New Balance 992

New Balance 992 Review: Expert Score 88/100
Expert Score

The New Balance 992 is the new cool in modern design, and it’s the perfect combination if you want a sneaker that’s stylishly streamlined on your feet. The NB 992 is famous for being the favored pair of shoes of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. It has a fashionable dad sneaker vibe and is synonymous with coolness.

The NB 992 is famous for being the favored pair of shoes of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Simply for its effect on the worlds of technology and fashion, the New Balance 992 is well worth the reissue. The New Balance 992 focuses on comfort, quality, and stability, just like every other New Balance shoe, while also providing a style that functions nicely as a fashion statement.

The New Balance 992 is designed for sneakerheads who:

  • Are looking for a flexible sneaker that they can wear anywhere, at any time
  • Prioritize comfort in a sneaker
  • Prefer wearing sturdy and stable footwear
  • Love to wear dad-style sneakers without heaviness

However, users who prefer ultra-soft cushioning should avoid the New Balance 992. On and off the city tracks, this pair sports a strong dual-midsole for greater stability and balance.

Here is a video of New Balance 992:

Pros for New Balance 993

In here, we have listed pros for New Balance 992:

  • Comfortable
  • Worthy
  • Extra quality
  • Fashionable dad-style sneaker
  • Excellent ventilator

Cons for New Balance 992

In here, we have listed cons for New Balance 992:

  • Mediocre finish

Bottom-line for New Balance 992 vs 993

Our verdict for New Balance 992 vs 993: Both running shoes are very similar in both style and capabilities. The 992 and the 993 are both neutral footwear which are great options for every day training. However, they may not be appropriate for speed-trainings since they are at heavy side.

Here is the final question to be answered! Which one is better: New Balance 993 or 992? If you are looking for plush cushioning and stability/support and durability, then we would recommend the New Balance 993. If you are seeking more breathable and slightly lighter shoe than we would recommend going with the New Balance 992.

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