Arc’teryx Atom LT Review: Complete List [2023 Guide]

We admire and review Arc’teryx product a lot, and today would like to share our Arc’teryx Atom LT Review with you. If you need a desperate answer and no time to read this review, here is a short summary of the entire post.

Arc'teryx Atom LT Review: Complete List
Review ofArc’teryx Atom LT
Overall Score80/100
Price TagRates on Amazon
Weather Protection4.5/5
Weight13.2 oz
Insulation60 g/m2 Coreloft Compact
with Stretch Fleece panels on sides
Fabric Material20D Nylon Tyono 
Number of Pockets2 zippered hand
1 zippered internal chest
Credits for specs: Arc’teryx

We highly recommend reading the passage (3-5 min), since Arc’teryx products are far from cheap, and we would like to help you on picking the right insulated jacket.

Long Story Short: Our Arc’teryx Atom LT Review

We would like to share the details of our Arc’teryx Atom LT Review to give you a foresight about this product. Hello Guys, this is Fishel! Firstly about me, I have been into camping and hiking for years. And I decided it was about time to change my look, since I was using alternative outdoor gears. And here it comes: Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody.

For the longest time I wanted a new cold weather jacket and was going to go with typically known brands since I didn’t know about Arc’teryx at that time.

I took a look at youtube reviews hours and hours, later on, I saw a review on arcteryx Atom LT Hoody. It was like ” Now that looks way more my like my kind of style I been looking for”

I must admit the price was shocking a little bit and you couldn’t understand why they could cost this much. Then, I said “ok let’s go with that to start with then and see”.

So Atom LT Hoody arrived in post, I was shocked, It was way way too light. I walked outdoors and was, ” no way, really! How? How can it be so light and so warm?”

I have been able to test it in a light rain, in the cold and snow. So far, light rain beaded off the shell like it was nothing and at 3 degrees Celsius, I was toasty with just a t-shirt underneath. Later on, I debated getting the Atom AR but I wanted the capability of using the ATOM LT all year round.

As you may know not everything lasts forever and my zipper ended up breaking. So on the off chance that Arc’teryx would cover the broken zipper under warranty, I decided to send it in and see what they would say. Not only are the covering it under warranty but they are sending me a brand new one. Because their repair shop is more busy than normal. Seriously, not only is it one of the best jackets, if not the best jacket that I have ever owned, Arc’teryx stands behind their products. It is such an amazing experience working with them and I’m excited to get my new jacket.

When people ask me about this jacket, I pretty much tell them it’s like an oven, it keeps you so warm. Also, it contains heat but somehow regulates and dumps unwanted heat when necessary. There’s a reason this jacket is so popular and people keep coming back to buy it over and over again. I think four of my friends have recently purchased an atom and haven’t looked back! My Dad borrows mine time to time. My girlfriend even tried it on and her initial saying was: “how can this light jacket be warm?” Until she walked outside and realized how warm it truly was. 

ATOM LT uses the core loft technology which works great and wind does not get it. You really don’t know how warm the jacket is until you take it off. It really traps heat in body. The jacket looks very good, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it. I’m a big fan of the cuffs. They are stretchy and fit well. The fleece in the hand pockets feels great and keeps your hands toasty. I really like the weight of the jackets, super lightweight and packable. I have worn it in the rain (light and heavy rain) and it shed water okay but not like a rain jacket.

Arc'teryx Atom LT Review of Hand Pockets
Arc’teryx Atom LT Review of Hand Pockets

The jacket does stay warm when it is wet though, but I would rather have a shell over this jacket if you are exposed to rain for a while. When the hood is on, you can almost instantly feel your body heat being trapped. The hood is a little on the large size (to accommodate a helmet I guess) and since there are no drawstrings, if you get a full face of wind; it’s going right down the hood and into your core.

This jacket is amazing for keeping you warm and is very functional to adapt to all of your outdoor activities!

Arc'teryx Atom LT Review of Internal Security Pockets
Arc’teryx Atom LT Review of Internal Security Pockets

So, let’s compare ATOM LT with other similar products:

Arc’teryx Atom LT vs Gamma MX Review?

Atom LT is warmer then the Gamma MX but not by much. Another good mid-layer that is going to be slightly warmer then the Atom LT is called the Proton LT. The Proton would be a great middle ground jacket.

Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody vs Atom AR Hoody Review: What are the main differences between the two jackets?

The only real differences between these two jackets are the level of warmth and weight & compressibility. Here is the full performance review of Atom AR vs LT.

Review of Atom AR vs Atom LTAtom ARAtom LT
Weight & Compressibility5090
Water Resistance7050
Abbreviations of Arc’teryx Products Atom AR vs LTAntonymModification on the Arc’teryx Products
ARALL ROUNDHigh performance weather protection and materials, emphasizing versatility for multiple activities.
LTLIGHTWEIGHTHigh performance, minimalist design that is durable for its weight.

Atom LT- 60g coreloft insulation m/2 while Atom AR- 100g coreloft insulation m/2I.

Arc’teryx Atom LT vs Proton LT – while hiking under a backpack

Best way to decide which product Atom or Proton ArcTeryx you should make list of key differences betwen them. The Arcteryx Proton vs Atom: First of all the weight is almost the same. The outer fabric is different: Proton’s fabric is Fortius Air 20 (84% nylon, 16% elastane), whereas Atom’s 20D Nylon Tyono /Polartec Power Stretch. Both of them have 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest pockets. The Proton LT and Atom LT can appear to be quite similar, however there are several key design features which will make the Proton more suitable to your described use. You can check out our Arc’teryx Proton LT vs Atom LT post for further reading on this comparison.

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Better heat dissipation as midlayer under Alpha SV: Atom LT Hoody vs Proton LT Hoody?          

The Proton LT will be better than the Atom LT at heat dissipation under the Alpha SV.

Some Customer Insights for Arc’teryx Atom LT Review

  • I have 3 or 4 of these jackets now and they are literally what i reach for almost all fall/winter/spring. They are either a layer under a shell or worn on their own. It’s incredible how much they breathe under a shell. Your sweat wicks right through. I have a couple of the hooded versions and one without a hood to wear with a ski shell so the hood doesn’t bunch when you pull the shell hood over your helmet. Absolutely the best jacket I’ve ever purchased, hence my closet full of them. I’ve owned a couple for at least 5 years, and they’ve held up fine. Arcteryx stands behind their products when my watch started to break apart the seam on one sleeve they fixed it no issue.
  • This is my third Atom LT over the last 4-5 years (one was lost and the zipper got destroyed on the other) and I’ve noticed this most recent model has some slight differences that bring the overall quality down. First, the fit has changed so that the chest feels tighter but the torso/waist feels looser. The fit in the hood seems to have changed as well, where there used to be room for a ski helmet there is now a much more snug fit. The material also seems to have changed. Although it does seem more “light weight” than before it also feels cheaper, with an almost paper-like texture, and has lost some of its warmth. Overall this is still a great lightweight jacket for layering in the winter or wearing as a standalone jacket in the fall/spring on the east coast, but I prefer the previous Atom LT.
  • I bought my Atom LT a month ago, and since then it has quickly upstaged TNF’s Ventrix Hoodie as my go-to jacket. It is noticeably lighter and softer than the Ventrix, but at the same time boasts equal if not superior warmth. It is also definitely more breathable, as I have worn it in warmer conditions where the Ventrix would have cooked me alive. Impressively, despite its lightweight the Atom LT has a number of handy features that make it even more comfortable and versatile. From the fleece lining of the hand pockets, to the durable and easy-to-operate zipper, to the extra-large h-c hood (the only one of its kind I have ever found that accommodates my head and helmet without any discomfort), it is clear that Arc’teryx put a huge amount of attention into designing this jacket. In my eyes this makes the Atom LT a true masterpiece, and my favorite jacket of all time. I wear it almost daily, knowing that whatever the weather or activity I am guaranteed to be warm and comfortable.

Arc’teryx Atom LT Review Customer Rating

Arc’teryx Atom LT Review Pros/Cons study based on the survey are as follows:

Pros (+): 

  • versatile,  warmth,  flexability
  • lightweight great on its own or under a shell,  drawstring waist and cuffs are excellent features
  • durablegood cut though could be longer,  good insulation between 4 degrees celsius and 11,  i like the tui/stellar color combi,  the idea to put fleece on the side is good.,  overall good look.
  • breathable
  • wear in any weather
  • perfect mid layer
  • comfortable
  • great color selection
  • great fit,  looks great
  • versatile piece of kit
  • durable,  versatile, 
  • great warmth to weight ratio versatile
  • quality product,
  • durable
  • fashionable

Cons (-): 

  • size runs small
  • bad zipper
  • material doesn’t handle much abrasion
  • items fall out of pockets
  • not waterproof
  • the shallow hand pockets
  • side vents can let through strong winds
  • would prefer smaller hood (under helmet design)

The Purpose of Usage From Arc’teryx Atom LT Review based on 487 Customer Reviews:

  • Day to Day
  • City usage
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • camping
  • Outdoor Photography.
  • climbing, everyday, gym life
  • Work, Hiking, Everyday
  • Hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, ski touring
  • Around town
  • Lifestyle
  • Canoeing
  • Casual wear
  • Work commute
  • Heliskiing, mountain biking, going to Starbucks
  • cold weather use
  • Town and bush for work and play.
  • ice climbing
  • military
  • trekking, raquette
  • Parenting, Commuting, Casual
  • Leisure
  • Kiteboarding adventures
  • 3 season Backpacking

Technical Details of Arc’teryx Atom LT Review

Materials of Atom Lt

  • Coreloft™ Compact (60 g/m² ) insulation. Highly crimped, multi-denier siliconized polyester yarn that has undergone a special process which reduces the thickness of the material by 50%, without reducing its insulation value by the same amount. Lightweight, breathable, thermally efficient 100% polyester fibre.
  • Tyono™ 20 denier shell with DWR treatment – 100% nylon
  • Stretch fleece – 94% polyester, 6% elastane
  • Dope Permeair™ 20 – 100% nylon


Technical Features OF ATOM LT

  • Moisture-resistant outer face fabric
  • Breathable
  • Insulated
  • Lightweight
  • Compressible and packable
  • Versatile
  • Wind resistant

Construction OF ATOM LT

Design & Fit OF ATOM LT

  • Trim fit for base layer or light mid-layer use

Patterning OF ATOM LT

  • Articulated elbows
  • Gusseted underarms for mobility and comfort

Hood Configuration OF ATOM LT

Arc'teryx Atom LT Review of Hood Configuration
Arc’teryx Atom LT Review of Hood Configuration
  • Adjustable, insulated, low profile StormHood™ with structured mini hood brim

Zippers & Fly Configuration of Atom LT

Cuff & Sleeves Configuration OF ATOM LT

  • Stretch-knit cuffs
  • Improved cuff construction increases durability, eases layering and removal

Hem Configuration OF ATOM LT

Arc'teryx Atom LT Review of Hem Configuration
Arc’teryx Atom LT Review of Hem Configuration
  • Laminated hem
  • Slight drop hem
  • Dual lower hem adjusters

Pocket Configuration of Atom LT




 375 g / 13.2 oz


Check the Below Table For Your Size Before Order


Arc’teryx ATOM LT Review


Versatile synthetic insulated mid layers with a high degree of weather resistance.


High performance, minimalist design that is durable for its weight.


Versatile high performance designs for diverse activities and conditions.


Man-made insulation with quick dry times, durability and retains warmth when damp.



High performance weather protection and materials, emphasizing versatility for multiple activities.


Superlight materials and design, emphasizing light weight and packability over durablity.

Warm weather is never a constant, even in summer. Fog rolls in, a sudden thunderstorm blocks the sun, and changes in elevation and levels of exposure can cause temperatures to suddenly shift. But summer conditions seldom require bulky insulation. The Atom SL Hoody is specifically created to hit the zone where insulation is required, but in a measured amount that suits milder conditions. Providing warmth comparable to a lightweight fleece for significantly fewer grams, the Atom SL is an efficient midlayer in cool conditions and a great standalone during rest breaks, early morning starts, and while enjoying the view from a freshly bagged peak.

Bottom Line for Arc’teryx Atom LT Review

Finally, I love the venting material under the arms – instead of pit zips, this material ventilates very well. For once, I didn’t overheat as this jacket ventilates well. I’m in love with this jacket and since it’s so light and packable, it’s the kind of jacket you just want to throw into your pack in winter or in summer for quick warmth. Overall the Atom LT Hoody is awesome. I recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile mid/outer layer insulator.

You can also review Arc’teryx Cerium LT post via this link.

Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody: Q&A

Differences between Coreloft and Coreloft compact?       There are some rumors that the Coreloft will be replaced by compact version in Atom lt 2020 version. I am wondering the differences between Coreloft and Coreloft compact, and which one could maintain loft longer?

Coreloft Compact is a chopped filament polyester with excellent stretch and recovery for active use and will be highly air permeable. Because the fibers are highly crimped in manufacturing, there will be very little packing out of the material over time.Coreloft Continuous is warm and light, with loft retention that resists packing out, and will trap warmth efficiently because the filaments are separated.

What color is the Odysseus (Atom LT) supposed to be?

The Odysseus is actually more of a dark green with a grey overtone than a brown or pure grey.

Length?       What’s the length in the front and back?

Thank you for your question.The current length of our **2018** Atom LT Hoody for men is as follows:

Front (CM):

XS – 52.9

S – 55.5

M – 58.0

L – 60.5

XL – 63.1

XXL – 65.6

Centre Back (CM):

XS – 68.9

S – 71.5

M – 74.0

L – 76.5

XL – 79.1

XXL – 81.6

Atom LT vs. Atom AR for walking around campus       I go to school in Pennsylvania and it can get pretty cold. I have an Alpha AR as a hardshell (I also have an Epsilon in case it gets really cold). I was wondering which would be the better jacket as my insulated layer, the Atom LT or AR?

The Atom AR is probably the better choice as it is warmer overall and will be better for a Pennsylvania winter. If you have the Epsilon LT already then the Atom LT will be marginally warmer, but the Atom AR will likely add the extra warmth you need for around campus.

Can I use sterile wipes to wipe the outside and inside of the Atom LT jacket without affecting the quality of jacket?

You can use sterile wipes, as the alcohol content in the wipes is quite minimal. We would not recommend doing this as your regular washing, and you should be regularly washing your Atom LT with a mild detergent (no scents) and no fabric softener.

What are the temperature ratings?

Atom LT Hoody is often used as a mid-layer in mild fall/winter days or during high output activities during colder days. We do not provide temperature rating as everybody has a different tolerance to the cold. For cold winter, we would recommend the Atom AR or Cerium LT as a mid-layer. The Atom LT can be packed in his own hood and compress down easily in a backpack.

Do I need to wash it before wearing it for the first time?      

Feel free to wash the jacket if you want to remove the wrinkle faster.

Cerium LT vs atom LT       Hello, I would like to know how the cerium compares to the atom in terms of warmth and breathability.

Arc’teryx as a company has decided against temperature ratings for our gear as there are too many variables to make an accurate classification. Temperature ratings do not take into account external factors such as the activity you are doing, the individual’s resting body temperature and any other layers that may be applied above or beneath the garment.

Can this jacket be tailored?

products are technical in nature, thus they should not be tailored.

How resistant is this jacket to pilling?

The Atom LT is a lightweight, packable mid-layer. We would always suggest wearing a shell over the top specially during activities that involve a heavy backpack. If you are looking for a mid-layer with a more durable face fabric.

What color is robotica? Is it white or is it light blue or grey?

Robotica is a light grey with a touch of blue.

May I know that what different between Tyono and TORAY(LEAF)?  On Atom?

The material supplier TORAY has branded this specific material as TYONO for marketing naming purposes. For LEAF products, we use the material supplier name instead for transparency with government customers.


Removing logo?       I love this jacket but the size of the logo is just too much. (I have tried the LEAF version but found that it didn’t fit the same.) Is there any way to remove the logo without compromising the face fabric?

Unfortunately there is no really simple way of removing the logo without damaging the fabric. I would probably recommend going with another one of our products that does not come with the logo on the chest.

What color is Proteus?

Proteus is medium to darker grey with a hint of green.

How to dry without a tumble dry machine?

Any tech wash will work for the Atom LT. If you do not have a tumble dry machine, you can hang dry your jacket.

Atom LT / Proton AR / Proton LT       Hi,Don’t really know which one would suit my needs best.

I’m looking for a mid layer above a base layer (merino wool) and/instead of 100 g polartec stretch fleece under either a gore-tex shell (thinking about the Beta LT) or a cotton shell for dry cold winter conditions. Expecting to be using it for snowshoeing/hiking primarly in the northern part of Sweden during the winter/spring season with temperatures around +5 – -15 °C.

Expecting alot of start and stops. Sometimes longer times with movement, other with alot/few starts and long/longer stops.Also wondering a bit about the sizing, I’m 174 cm and around 65 kg (5,8/5,9′,145 lbs).Chest: 88 cm

Waist: 75 cm

Hip: 88 cmXS/S/M? I would like to fit a base layer and a fleece under, and when without the fleece the mid layer to still fit snuggly as a stand alone piece without feeling baggy.

I would recommend the Proton LT or the Proton AR. The Protons are specifically designed for higher output activities in colder conditions and have better thermal regulation than the Atoms.If you are looking for a warmer piece or you tend to get cold easily then the Proton AR might be better. If you tend to overheat in higher output activities, I would recommend the Proton LT.

Is the Orion color black or really dark blue?

The Orion colour is a dark blue.

How windproof?       How windproof is the 2016 Atom LT – compared to, say, an insulated jacket with a pertex outer?

The Atom LT is not windproof at all and is not designed to be as it is an insulated mid-layer. You will need to layer the Atom LT with a shell that will protect you against wind and rain.

What material is the fleece side panel made of?

The Atom LT uses a 100% polyester fleece with good mechanical stretch and durable face.