Brooks Revel vs Levitate: Key Differences [2023 Guide]

We would like to touch on Brooks Revel vs Levitate comparison in this article. Both running shoes are in the springy and responsive ride category of Brooks Running Shoes. However, their performance considering the energy return is not the same.

Brooks Revel vs Levitate: Complete Comparison

Here is a table, we have put together to help you better understand Brooks Revel 5 vs Levitate 5.

Review of #Brooks Revel 5Brooks Levitate 5
Our Score92/10085/100
Our Selection forBest Budged Springy TrainerBest for Marathons
FeelEnergize 1/3 & Balanced Cushioning (2/3)Energize 3/3 & Balanced Cushioning (2/3)
FlexibilityFlexible (4/5)Flexible (4/5)
Drop-mm (M/W)88
Weight-gr (M/W)249/220292/260
Expert ReviewRevel 5 ReviewLevitate 5 Review
Width OptionsNormalNormal
Deals & DiscountsRates Men’s / Women’sRates Men’s / Women’s

The main difference between the Brooks Revel 5 and the Levitate 5 is the midsole design. The Levitate 5 has DNA AMP material in its midsole which is designed to provide highest energy return. You can consider this as the super springy running shoe. On the other hand, the Brooks Revel 5 has BioMoGo in its midsole. The BioMoGo is slightly softer than the DNA AMP, but it offers less energy return.

Because of this, the Levitate 5 is more suitable for marathons or ultra-marathon races; on the other hand, the Brooks Revel 5 is a do-it-all running shoe.

One more point to highlight, based on the release on 2021, Brooks offers Levitate GTS 5 and Levitate Stealthfit 5 options. The GTS stands for Go-To-Support which is the more supportive and stable version of the standard Levitate 5 and Stealthfit 5 option offers a custom fit due to its updated upper.

However, there is no GTS option on the Brooks Revel 5 yet!

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Our verdict for Brooks Revel 5 vs Levitate 5

If you are seeking the best energy return & bouncy feel, than the winner of Brooks Revel 5 vs Levitate 5 comparison is the Levitate. It is good to note that Revel 5 is also a great running shoe and it offers a lot. We would recommend the Revel 5 to the beginner level runner to use it as do-it-all trainer.

Brooks Revel 5

Brooks Revel 5 vs Levitate 5
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Brooks Levitate 5

Brooks Levitate 5 vs Revel 5
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We recommend checking out Brook Revel 5 Review and Brooks Levitate 5 Review for the detailed review.

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We would recommend the Brooks Revel 5 for road running, whereas, the Brooks Levitate 5 has been designed for marathons or ultra-marathon races.

Brooks Revel vs Levitate: The Brooks Revel 5 has a Good Energy Return Shoe, but its Energize level is 1, for the best energy return we would recommend Brooks Levitate.