Saucony Ride vs Guide: Key Differences [Buying Advice 2023]

We would like to touch on Saucony Ride vs Guide comparison in this article. Both running shoes are very popular amongst the Saucony Running Shoes. But we will highlight the key the differences between them to help you make a clear decision on Saucony Ride 14 or Guide 14.

Saucony Ride 14 vs Guide 14: Main Differences between them

Here is a table, we have put together to help you better understand Saucony Ride 14 vs Guide 14.

Comparison of #Saucony Ride 14Saucony Guide 14
Our Score80/10083/100
Our Selection forGood ComfortStability Oriented
SupportCushioned-NeutralOver pronation
FeelBalanced Cushioning (2/3)Balanced Cushioning (2/3)
FlexibilityStiff a Bit (2/5)Moderate (3/5)
Drop-mm (M/W)88
Weight-gr (M/W)280/240300/265
Width OptionsNormal/WideNormal/Wide
CampArest Expert ReviewIn-depth ReviewIn-depth Review
Deals & Discounts
on Amazon
Rates Men’s / Women’sRates Men’s / Women’s

The main differences between the Saucony Ride 14 and the Guide 14 are the midsole and outsole design. The Saucony Ride 14 has PWRRUN foam material in its midsole which is firm but still provides moderate cushioning. On the other hand, the Saucony Guide 14 has PWRRUN+ foam in its midsole. The PWRRUN+ is softer and more flexible than the PWRRUN which makes the Saucony Guide 14 a better running shoe than the Ride 14, if you are looking for plush and flexible running shoe. Also, the Guide 14 is a stability oriented running shoe which is designed for the over-pronation. In the outsole, Guide 14 features TPU Guidance frame which guides each foot through its natural gait cycle. However, the Ride 14 is a neutral trainer.

Considering the other factors such as upper and fit, these two running shoes has very similar structure and material. On the Upper side, both Ride 14 and Guide 14 feature FORMFIT technology of Saucony which provides sock-like fit.

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Our Verdict for Saucony Ride 14 vs Guide 14

If you are seeking more stable ride, than the winner of Saucony Ride 14 vs Guide 14 comparison is the Guide. The key difference is that Ride 14 is a neutral running shoe, whereas Guide 14 is a stability running shoe which is designed for the over-pronation.

One more point, the Ride 14 is also a good running shoe and it offers a lot, but it has a firmer underfoot and not bouncy in comparison to Guide 14.

Saucony Ride 14 Review

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Saucony Guide 14 Review

Saucony Guide 14 Deals and Discounts
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