Osprey Daylite vs Daylite Plus: Complete List of Comparison [Guide 2023]

Today, we will compare the most popular daypacks, the Osprey Daylite vs Daylite Plus and share the key differences between them.

Osprey Daylite vs Daylite Plus: Main Differences are the capacity, additional pockets and the suspension system.

First off, we’ve been using and recommending a few crucial Osprey products for years. We also believe that traveling with a detachable daypack is essential. They are used to keep important belongings close at hand while traveling or to joining us on extended daytime adventures in the city or the countryside. Most likely, you’ve come here to learn more about the Osprey Daylite pack, but you’re hesitating between them, so you can ask this question: Which one is better? The Daylight or Daylight Plus?

Daylite and Daylite Plus are shown in Osprey’s most desirable daypacks because they are inexpensive, lightweight, and durable. But they have some differences that may help you to choose one over the other. In this post, we’ll compare the Osprey Daylite and Daylite Plus to help you decide which is the finest daypack for your next excursion.

Here is the table that may help you to understand the key points between the Osprey Daylite and the Daylite Plus:

Comparison of#Osprey DayliteOsprey Daylite Plus
Our Selection forDay Time Trips & MinimalistMore comfort & More Space
PriceRates on AmazonRates on Amazon
Weight1.087 lbs. or 0.493 kg1.29 lbs. or 0.585 kg
SuspensionDaylite SuspensionDaylite Plus Suspension (Additional die-cut EVA foam padding)
Dimensions16.93 X 10.24 X 7.87 inches18.9 X 11.02 X 9.45 inches
Front panel zippered slash pocketNoYes
Front panel shove-it pocketNoYes
Large panel-loading main compartmentYesYes
Attaches to a variety of compatible Osprey packsYesYes
Multifunctional interior sleeve
for hydration reservoir, 13” laptop or tablet
Dual side compression strapsYesYes
Dual water bottle side mesh pocketsYesYes
Front pocket with organization and key clipYesYes
Internal reservoir sleeveYesYes
Harness grab handle doubles as a luggage pass-thruYesYes

We’ll go through every item one by one, so you can decide which one will fit your needs the best.

Key differences between Osprey Daylite vs Daylite Plus

If you can pay a little bit more and prefer the Daylite Plus, you will get a better suspension, extra 7-liters volume, shove-it pocket and zippered slash pocket. If you are not a minimalist hiker, we will definitely recommend the Daylite Plus over the Daylite, since the bigger is better. Here are the main differences between the Osprey Daylite and Daylite Plus:

  • The Daylite Plus has shove-it pocket, but the Daylite does not have.
  • In addition to the shove it pocket, the Daylite Plus has also zippered slash pocket in comparison to the Daylite.
  • Considering the Storage, the Daylite Plus has 20-liters capacity, but the Daylite has 13-liters. So, you will have more space with the Daylite Plus. On the other hand, the Daylite is a minimalist daypacks which is designed for basically day time trips.
  • We found the Osprey Daylite Plus more comfortable than the Daylite due to additional die-cut EVA foam padding.
  • The more capacity, suspension and the extra pockets of the Daylite Plus makes it slightly heavier than the Daylite about 100-gr.
  • From the price-point, the Daylite Plus is 10$ more expensive than the Daylite.

Pockets and Compartments

Pockets and Compartments configurations of the Daylite Family

The Osprey Daylite has one wide open pocket in the main compartment with a single elastic sleeve made of the same material as the inside lining. There is no extra padding in this small pocket. Given that Osprey wants to keep Daylite as light as possible, it’s not surprising that there is no padding.

On the other hand, the main compartment of the Osprey Daylite Plus is one huge compartment, but with one important difference: it has a padded sleeve. The back panel is quite thin, and the sides and bottom have a little padding. The padded pocket panel, on the other hand, is constructed of foam and has a clip-on top to keep the pocket closed. The Daylite Plus, like the original Osprey Daylite, can only carry a tablet or a thin laptop 13 inches or smaller.

The Daylite and Daylite Plus both have an organizer compartment on the front for keeping small items. Both of these pockets have two slip mesh pockets and a key clip and are identical. Because this front pocket is only 9 inches deep, it’s ideal for keeping little items.

Mesh pockets on the sides of both the Daylite and Daylite Plus can be used to store water bottles.

We had no trouble keeping water bottles in place in the Daylite Plus because of the deeper side mesh pockets. The original Daylite, on the other hand, had a tapered mesh pouch that didn’t work well with our water bottles. Because of the way the pouch narrows toward the end, we discovered that our water bottles threatened to fall out anytime we wore the backpack. Using the Daylite’s side compression straps to keep the water bottle in position is one method, but this isn’t the best solution for poorly constructed water bottle compartments. It is, nevertheless, a possible alternative if your water bottle is tall enough.

The back panel pocket is the final pocket to compare in this Osprey Daylite versus Daylite Plus comparison. This pocket is located just behind the frame sheet and features a small plastic clip for securing your water bladder.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of these two daypacks is one of the most notable distinctions between them. The original Daylite offers enough storage capacity of 13 liters, while the new Daylite Plus has an improved storage capacity of 20 liters. If you’re simply planning on bringing a few snacks, a rain jacket, and some water, you won’t need the extra storage. On the other hand, if you want to be constantly prepared, the Daylite Plus is a better choice because it can hold all of your everyday essentials as well as hiking gear.

If you’re intending to bring additional gear and requirements on your next vacation, the larger and 20-liter Daylite Plus is the way to go. The smaller Osprey Daylite, on the other hand, is ideal if you’re only going on a light trip because it only has 13 liters of storage capacity.


Due to its increased capacity and additional features, the Osprey Daylite is a versatile design. While we appreciate the minimalist feel, such a design has some drawbacks, including fewer pockets and compartments, but basically, the Daylite Plus is more adaptable than the original Daylite, thanks to its larger load capacity, front zipped slash pocket, and shove-it pocket.


The Plus is more comfortable due to additional die-cut Eva Foam

Daylite and Daylite Plus are designed to evenly distribute the load’s weight while allowing for comfortable and flexible body mobility. Die-cut EVA foam cushioning on the harness of the Osprey Daylite Plus, in particular, provides comfort and added support. This extra feature is a welcome bonus, if you’re maxing out your pack’s weight capacity. When it comes to overall comfort, we recommend the Osprey Daylite Plus over the Daylite.


Both Osprey Daylite and Daylite Plus daypacks are very similar to each other considering the packability. There will always be a space for everything, no matter how big or small your gears are.

The Osprey Daylite Plus, in particular, has a “shove-it pocket.” You can get your rain jacket fast without causing any damage to the contents of your pack. This is a fantastic place to store a light jacket or other items that you need access to quickly. And you’ll be grateful to Osprey for this pocket when it unexpectedly rains.

Furthermore, a vertical zipper can be found on the stash pocket. This allows you to get to a little pocket on the front of the bag. It’s not the best place to keep large stuff, but it’s ideal for tiny objects such as keys, phones, and wallets. You won’t have to dig through your pack to find them.

Considering the Packability, the winner of Osprey Daylite vs Daylite Plus comparison is the Daylite Plus.

Which one you should choose: Osprey Daylite or the Daylite Plus?

Which one is worth buying the Daylite or the Daylite Plus? Our Selection Guide

For Day Time Trips

If you just need a compact, lightweight backpack for hiking or as a daypack, the Osprey Daylite is the bag for you. A hydration bladder, some food, and a light sweater can all be carried in a 13-liter backpack. Designed as a base pack that connects to larger Osprey packs, the Daylite is a great alternative to lightweight daypacks.

To Carry Tablet or Laptop

If you want your trekking backpack to double as a travel or everyday use backpack, go with the Osprey Daylite Plus. It not only has a larger main compartment of 20 liters, but it also has a padded sleeve for a laptop.

Osprey Daylite Review

Osprey Daylite Review: Complete list and pros/cons

The Osprey Daylite Review: It is a fantastic little daypack that is ideal for travel, quick treks, or simply walking about town. Its attractiveness and simplistic design are particularly appealing to us. Its conveniently accessible front pocket, compression straps, and mesh water bottle pockets will make it a joy to wear on trips and day excursions.

Here is a useful video about the Osprey Daylite Daypack:

Pros for Osprey Daylite

  • The main compartment’s big panel-loading main compartment allows for easy access to the goods inside.
  • It has a multi-purpose inside sleeve that can hold a tablet or a hydration reservoir.
  • The high-quality materials used to make it, such as 210 and 420 denier nylon, provide good resistance.
  • Extra storage is provided by the dual stretch mesh side pockets.
  • Compatible with various Osprey backpacks as an add-on pack.
  • The back panel’s mesh-covered die-cut foam provides both ventilation and comfort.

Cons for Osprey Daylite

  • For some individuals, the two compression straps may limit their lashing options.

Osprey Daylite Plus Review

Osprey Daylite Plus Review: Complete list and pros/cons

Osprey Daylite Plus Review: It is an excellent hiking pack. Not to mention that it may be used as a multi-purpose daily, travel, and laptop bag. Due to the lack of a sturdy suspension, this pack is ideal for travelers searching for an urban/mountain crossover pack.

Here is a useful video about the Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack:

Pros for Osprey Daylite Plus

  • For daytime use, it can be linked to bigger travel packs.
  • Supplies, books, and gear are easily accessible thanks to the zipped sections.
  • The back panel’s mesh-covered die-cut foam provides exceptional ventilation and comfort.
  • Smaller items can be placed in the front panel shove-it pockets.
  • The multifunctional inner sleeve can be used for tablets and drinking containers.
  • Extra storage is provided by two stretch mesh side pockets.

Cons for Osprey Daylite Plus

  • It’s a bit uncomfortable if the buckles and straps aren’t fully adjusted.

Bottom-line for Osprey Daylite vs Daylite Plus

Our Verdict for the Osprey Daylite vs Daylite Plus: To figure out which one to pick, consider the following: What will you use the pack for?

The Osprey Daylite is a fantastic choice if you like a light pack and don’t expect to bring a lot of gear on your next journey. It has a storage capacity of 13 liters and is designed with simplicity in mind. This makes it great for short hikes and walking around town. This daypack is also slightly less expensive than its upgraded variant, which for many travelers can be a decisive factor.

The Osprey Daylite Plus, on the other hand, is a better choice if you want extra pockets and storage capacity. In addition, unlike the Osprey Daylite, this improved version has a padded tablet sleeve. This is a great option for day walks that necessitate the use of extra gear. It’s also fantastic for traveling.

Overall, these two Osprey daypacks are excellent value for money, especially considering they are backed by Osprey’s excellent guarantee. Have a great time on your next vacation!

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