Best Running Shoes for Men & Women [2023 Guide]

If you are a newbie, you must be wondering what the best running shoes are. Don’t worry. Beacuse, we reviewed more than 30 running shoes, and would like to share the top picks of this year. To begin with, we really enjoyed the Asics and the Brooks running shoes. These two companies combined the technology and the feedbacks from their customers and re-designed their products.  Here is the top pick running shoes of Asics and Brooks that we liked a lot and recommend.

Here is the full list of Best Running Shoes for Men & Women.

Here is the full list of Best Running Shoes of the Year:

Top Selection Running ShoeType of ShoeOur ScoreOur Selecetion forDrop – mm (M/W)Weight – gr (M/W)Camparest Review
Asics Gel Kayano 28Stability Shoe91/100Top Stability10, 13308/258Our In-depth Review
Asics Gel Nimbus 24Neutral Shoe90/100Top Comfort10, 13309/260Our In-depth Review
Asics Gel Cumulus 23Neutral Shoe93/100Best for Average Runner10280/230Our In-depth Review
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22Stability Shoe92/100Great Stability12289/258Our In-depth Review
Brooks Glycerin 20Neutral Shoe87/100Great Comfort10290/255Our In-depth Review
Brooks Ghost 14Neutral Shoe92/100Great for Average Runner10286/250Our In-depth Review
Brooks Launch 9Neutral Shoe88/100Best Budged Speed Trainer10232/201Our In-depth Review
Brooks Levitate 5Neutral Shoe85/100Best Bouncy & Energy Return8292/260Our In-depth Review
Brooks Revel 5Neutral Shoe92/100Best Do-it-all8249/220 Our In-depth Review

We strongly encourage you to check our “Best Brooks Running Shoes” article, if you are a Brooks fan like we are! Also, you can see our “Brooks vs Asics” post, if you are wondering the key differences between those two running shoe brands.


Asics Gel Kayano 28:

Best Running Shoes for Stability is the Asics Gel Kayano 28
What we liked the most
Top support and stability
Smooth and responsive footstrike transition
Cushy upper material & Great lock-in feel
Well-shaped, great fit
Premium & Luxurious feel
Smooth ride
Good for walking
Perfect grip on wet & dry surfaces
Superb durability
Narrow, Wide, and Extra-Wide options
What we dont like
Heel Slipping
Average breathability
Not for speed runs
No gusseted tongue

We loved the smooth ride, the fit and the plush feeling. Although, it has been categorized as balanced cushioning, we think the Asics Gel Kayano 28 is as plush as the most comfortable running shoes in the market. If you are looking for a stability shoes, you should definitely consider the Asics Gel Kayano 28. It deserves a high credit for its performance and it is worth the every penny. 

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Asics Gel Nimbus 23:

Best Running Shoes for Top Comfort - Gel Nimbus
What we liked the most
Gender Specific Design
Cushion:  Gel Nimbus 23 is very comfortable, due to Gel & FlyteFoam.
Ride: Excellent smooth ride. 
Upper comfort: Very soft upper, locks the foot securely. Perfect fit.
Wide Toe Box for Natural Toe Splay
Traction: AHAR outsole works very well. We did not encounter any slippage. Good choice for wet and dry surfaces
Great Durability – long lasting Shoe
What we dont like
Bulky: It is heavy and clunky. The Gel in the heel adds extra weight (but increases the shock absorption)  

The Asics Gel Nimbus 23 is the top notch comfort shoe in the Asics Family. It is a neutral running shoe which is highly cushioned and comfortable at any points. The Asics updated the arch area, and filled that area with more support.  If you have high arches (supinate), you should definitely consider Asics Gel Nimbus 23. It is a plush and long lasting running shoe and very suitable for the long runs.

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Asics Gel Cumulus 23:

Best Running Shoes for Average Runner - Gel Cumulus
What we liked the most
Cushioning: Gel Cumulus 23 is very comfortable due to Gel & FlyteFoam (but less cushioning than the Nimbus)
Ride: A bit stiff, but feels smooth and responsive ride.
Upper comfort: Very soft upper, locks the foot securely. Perfect fit.
Extra Wide Width Option
Wide Toe Box for Natural Toe Splay
Traction: AHAR Lite outsole works very well. We did not encounter any slippage. Good choice for wet and dry surfaces
Great Durability – long lasting Shoe
What we dont like
Not so bouncy
Warm: Although the mesh upper is updated to increase the breathability, it still needs improvement. The collar and the tongue traps the heat, may be this is not the best shoe for the hot days.

It is a cushioned trainer and very popular amongst the running shoes. We would like to prepare a quick guide which includes a complete list of details about the Asics Gel Cumulus 23 that will give you a foresight for a decision. To begin with, The Gel Cumulus 23 is neutral running shoe, and it is cushioned and responsive. We would like to begin with answering the question; why is the Gel Cumulus 23 the best for average runners? The First, it has a good balance between cushioning and the stability. The second, it is not as pricey as the some high-end products.

Check out the Women’s Version on the Store!

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22: Great Stability for Over Pronators

Best Running Shoe for Over-Pronates
What we liked the most
Super stable and supportive
Very comfortable
Smoother and softer than its predecessor (GTS 20)
Updated Air Mesh Upper: Lighter / Breathable / Snug Fit
Roomy for toe splay
What we dont like
Heavier than the average of the running shoes we tested
Lacks responsiveness compared to its contenders in the same class
Rubbing on the bare skin (upper)

The ideal running shoe is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 for Over-pronates. It is highly supportive and stable which is equipped with GuideRails to prevent excess ankle movements. It is a maximalist runner which has a smoother heel to toe transition.

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Brooks Glycerin 20: Top Comfort

Plush and Comfortable Neutral Runner Trainer Shoe - Brooks Glycerin 20, now has GTS and StealthFit Version
What we liked the most
The Top Comfort of Brooks Family
Plush Interior Lining
Ample Room – Toe Splay
Smooth footstrike
Comfortable & Fine fit
What we dont like
A bit heavy
Runs a little short
A bit warm – not for summer

The Brooks Glycerin 20 is the best cushioned neutral running shoes in the Brooks Running Shoes family, and it is perfect for runners who seek a daily trainer for neutral pronates. This plush shoe is designed for comfort, indeed the Glycerin 20 is all about the comfort.

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Brooks Ghost 14: Best Running Shoe for Average Runner

The Full Review for Brooks Ghost 14. What is it for?
What we liked the most
Exceptionally comfortable
Nice fitting of upper material
Good balance of responsiveness and cushioning
Breathable upper
Good grip on dry and wet surfaces
Smooth transitions of heel to toe
Wide toe box – roomy for natural toe splay
What we dont like
Some improvements on Stability and Support, yet still less than others
Lacks responsiveness
Too flexible
Non-gusseted tongue
Heavier than the average weight of the running shoes we tested

The Brooks Ghost 14 is a maximalist daily trainer for the ones seeking the top comfort. It is very popular and very suitable for slow-paced long runs.

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Brooks Launch 9: Best Running Shoes for Speed Work

Brooks launch 9: Best Budged Speed Trainer

Not for an experienced runner, but for a beginner the Launch 9 is the best bang for the buck with its offerings. This speed trainer is highly durable and fairly cushioned and lightweight. The forefoot is rigid to speed up; the rest of the shoe including the upper is surprisingly flexible.

What we liked the most
Surprisingly flexible (except the forefoot)
Best budged speed trainer – Great Value
Light weight
Well-fitting upper, hugs the feet
Highly breathable upper
No heel slipping
What we don’t like
A bit narrow and fitting of tongue is not the best
Lacks spring
Not for slick surfaces

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Brooks Levitate 5: Best Running Shoes for Marathons

Brooks Levitate 5 Review: There is GTS and Stealthfit options as well.

The springy structure of the Brooks Levitate 5 is consistent and reliable and gives you a great energy return. The Brooks Levitate 5 is good for a mid-distance training runs, especially for marathons or ultra-marathons races. It is designed for neutral pronates and highly cushioned. The Levitate 5 is the top-notch springy trainer. Simply saying, it has the best energy-return amongst the running shoes we tested so far.

What we liked the most

  • Highly supportive neutral running shoe due to its moderate firm heel counter and forefoot.
  • The Levitate 5 is true-to-size. The Fit Knit Upper is so good, and it offers a near-custom fit. It hugs and conforms to shape of the foot.
  • Great energy return in every stride.
  • The Levitate 5 has a fast heel-to-toe transition
  • Very comfortable

What we don’t like

  • It is good to note that the fit for narrow feet is not the best. We needed to tighten the laces hard enough to snug it down.
  • It does not breathe very well.
  • The Levitate 5’s tongue is not gusseted.

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Brooks Revel 5: Best Running Shoes for Beginner

The Brooks Revel 5 running shoe can do a bit of everything and a perfect pair for a beginner level runner. It is soft but not super soft (balanced cushioning), therefore not the best for long recovery runs. On the other hand, it touches soft enough and therefore not the best for really fast efforts or race day. Simply saying, the Revel 5 has a little bit of everything, but not specific for goal oriented trainings such as speed works or long distance recovery runs.

What we liked the most on Brooks Revel 5
Versatility / Do-it-all-trainer
Low Price Tag
Balanced Cushioning & Comfortable
Stretchy Upper
Gusseted Tongue – Great Lockdown
Peppy Toe off
What we dont like on Brooks Revel 5
Lacks Reflective Elements
Fit a Bit Loose on Narrow Feet
Not so Fast

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