New Balance 515 vs 574: Complete List of Comparison [2023 Guide]

Here, in this post we would like to make a comparison between the New Balance 515 vs 574 and share our experiences with them and explain their differences.

New Balance 515 vs 574: Main Differences

If you haven’t tried New Balance shoes before, they are well-cushioned, long-lasting, and can be used as both sports and casual footwear. The New Balance 574 are made of full-grain leather and suede and have a mild arch support. According to customer evaluations, the 574 runs small, so size up if you’re in between sizes. Yet, the insole of the New Balance 515 may be removed to accommodate your own orthotic, but order a half size higher for more toe room!

We have put together following chart to help you better understand the differences between the New Balance 515 and 574:

Comparison of #New Balance 515New Balance 574
Our Score80/10085/100
Our Selection forDurable and Padded SneakerFlexible and Breathable Sneaker
Deals & Discounts on AmazonRates Men’s / Women’sRates Men’s / Women’s
SupportModerateLight Stability Shoe
FeelBalanced Cushioning (2/3)Balanced Cushioning (2/3)
FlexibilityRigid (2/5)Flexible (4/5) 

A detailed comparison of the New Balance 515 vs 574 will help you decide which pair of running shoe is best for you.

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Key Differences: New Balance 515 vs 574

The difference between the New Balance 574 and the New Balance 515 is minor yet obvious. The New Balance 515 was inspired by the classic running shoe, and it retains the old design and padded tongue while incorporating new technologies used by New Balance in all of their new shoes.

The 515 also has a lower profile than the 574 and features fresh foam, which keeps the shoe light without sacrificing support. Even though the 515 has a lower profile, it provides enough arch support for those who experience some problems because of their feet.

With a contrasting logo and a non-padded tongue, the 574 has grown into a more expressive look and feel. In addition, the 574 has less mesh than the 515, and the 574 shoes are made up of leather, mesh, and textile. This provides a plush upper while still allowing for flexibility and breathability.

In front of the New Balance Classic 515, you’ll notice a toe cap with notches on both sides. The sole of the heel counter has a visible New Balance branding and a TPU heel unit with parallel grooves. Finally, the tongue is branded with a New Balance 515 cloth patch.

Comparing the Upper Design of NEw Balance 515 vs 574

The first model of New Balance 574 was introduced in 1988. It has a mesh upper with suede overlays for added durability. The 574’s mesh upper promotes breathability, while suede overlays add durability. This works well with the removable inserts, which allow for the addition of an orthopedic insert. The only flaw is that the tongue isn’t padded, which could lead to discomfort, especially if you’re participating in sports or doing something physically demanding.

A basic leather makeover with a perforated top or a suede overlay with a mesh mix may be seen on the New Balance 515. Because of the differences in materials, the sneaker can adapt to any activity, be it summer or winter. More insights entered the New Balance 515 skin as the years passed. The uppers of the shoe are composed of a variety of materials, including suede, mesh, leather, nubuck, and nylon, and come in a variety of hues.

Comparing the Midsole & Outsole Design of the 515 vs 574

The midsole of 574 was equipped with ENCAP technology, which provided excellent structural support and running stability. The outsole of the New Balance 574 is made of solid rubber with a distinctive design that increases friction and protects the wearer from slipping on smooth surfaces. It also sports a textured rubber outsole for traction on a variety of surfaces. The midsole and heel are comprised of EVA—ethylene vinyl acetate—molded-resilient foam. The foam will adapt to the curve of your foot and absorb shock, resulting in a more comfortable fit.

The New Balance 515 was released in 2014 in a variety of hues, with a delicate but low-to-the-ground shape. While some consumers have complained that the NB 515’s rigid sole causes them pain, others have stated that it is really comfortable. Its form is based on an SL-2 last for a comfortable fit. For enhanced comfort, the Achilles heel and collar entrance are both cushioned. Padding system can be considered as the main difference between 515 and 574.

Comparing The Fit of New Balance 515 vs 574

Men’s and women’s sizes are available for the New Balance 574, which is both comfortable and attractive. It contains a lacing system that allows customers to change the shoe’s fit tightness. The upper is made up of a mix of mesh and suede materials to promote good foot ventilation. It also features ENCAP technology, which provides comfort and shock absorption.

The New Balance 515, compared to the 574, modernized the typical snug fit by replacing the sturdy old saddle overlay with a stark “N” emblem on the vamp. This redesign allows the midfoot to move freely, which is ideal for persons with broader feet. This saddle tech’s additional tightening attachment emphasizes the functionality of a New Balance sneaker. As a result, you can primarily use this model for everyday purposes.

The Durability

The New Balance 515 has a reputation for being extremely durable, according to some users. For enhanced comfort, the Achilles heel and collar entrance are both cushioned. For traction and stability, the outsole is made of tough rubber.

Wearers appear to be satisfied with the 574’s degree of durability for the most part. Yet, several wearers have noted that after only a few uses, they begin to look worn out. The stitching is said to begin to break apart along the forefoot. Others claim that flaws in the upper have been discovered, or that the rubber outsole wears out too rapidly.

Short Review New Balance 574

New Balance 574 Review: Expert Score 85/100
Expert Score 85/100

The New Balance 574 shoe collection offers a timeless style that harkens back to the days of old-school running. The New Balance 574 is a versatile shoe that can be worn for a number of activities. This New Balance shoe was created with the intention of being a running shoe. The collection has grown throughout time to include sneakers, golf shoes, and the 574 iconic running shoes. You can wear these New Balance shoes for jogging, walking, golfing, or simply for fun.

With a responsive shoe with extra cushioning, some people prefer to feel as if they’re walking on clouds. Others may want a more natural sense, such as being able to feel the road beneath them.

By absorbing the impact, the cushioning protects the joints, tendons, and tissues.

A lightweight shoe, for example, may be less cushioned yet is ideal for races or shorter workouts. To reduce the repetitive impact, everyday running shoes would have additional cushioning.

New Balance 574 Pros

In here, we have listed the pros for New Balance 574:

  • Comfy
  • Exciting color combinations
  • Wearable for every sort of event
  • Enough arch support
  • Suitable for wearers who walk a lot
  • Not pricey

New Balance 574 Cons

In here, we have listed the cons for New Balance 574:

  • Not durable
  • Not wide enough
  • Colors do not look like what they are in person (according to some)
  • Not padded

Short Review New Balance 515

New Balance 515 Review: Expert Score 80/100
Expert Score 85/100

The 515 is a new addition to New Balance’s Classics line. New Balance’s 515 features an elegant, vintage-inspired shape with a low profile and modern aspects. The shoe’s excellent comfort, which, according to reviews, feels like walking on clouds, is a prominent quality. Despite being designed as a lifestyle sneaker, the shoe’s adaptability allows customers to get the most out of their everyday routines and athletic activities while still looking good.

Who should/ should not buy New Balance 515?

  • Buyers looking for a pair of shoes that will last them a long time and may be used on a daily basis
  • Plantar fasciitis sufferers should use this product.
  • Fans like wide-toed sneakers
  • Those looking for a pair of sneakers that can be worn on a regular basis yet aren’t too heavy

However, New Balance 515 is not for you if you seek for a gentle cushioning. For the alternative option, you can check the foamy collection.

The New Balance 515 sneakers have a streamlined appearance that allows them to be worn with a wide range of outfits. The 515 is ideal for a variety of activities ranging from gym workouts, jogging, and hiking to more informal occasions such as meetings and social gatherings.

New Balance 515 Pros

In here, we have listed the pros for New Balance 515:

  • Great cushioning
  • Durable
  • Vogue colorways
  • Enough arch support
  • Adaptable look
  • Lightweight
  • Comfy
  • Suitable for wide-feet ones

New Balance 515 Cons

In here, we have listed the cons for New Balance 515:

  • Unusual form
  • Lack of harmony between the colors
  • Rough sole

Bottom-line for New Balance 515 vs 574

Here is the final question to be answered! Which one is better: New Balance 515 or 574? Our verdict for the New Balance 515 vs 574 is that with a contrasting logo and no-padded tongue, the 574 has grown into a more expressive look and feel. The 574 sneakers have less mesh than the 515 and are made of leather, mesh, and textile. This results in a soft top that is nevertheless flexible and breathable.

Some customers have reported blisters as a result of the 515’s narrowness. The broad toe box of the New Balance 515 model is appreciated by some. This allows users to install an orthopedic footbed for more support if desired. Despite its low appearance, others say it provides enough arch support. Only a few individuals have complained about the stiff sole causing them pain.

Thus; if you want more flexible and breathable sneakers, you can choose New Balance 574. However; if you desire more durable and padded sneakers, you can go with New Balance 515.

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