Osprey Poco vs Poco LT Compared: Key Points [Guide 2023]

This time, we are going to compare the Osprey Poco vs Poco LT baby carrier and list the key differences between them.

Osprey Poco vs Poco LT: Main Differences

The main difference between Osprey Poco and the Poco LT is the size, compressibility, adjustability and weight. Osprey Poco LT is an ultra-light baby carrier and it has been designed to ease your travel (via plane). On the other hand, the Poco is for day-hikes and longer journey. It is good to note that the Poco LT is the best seller of the Osprey Baby Carriers.

Here is the table we have put together to help you better understand the comparison of Osprey Poco vs Poco LT:

Comparison ofOsprey PocoOsprey Poco LT
Our Selection forGreat for HikesGreat for Travel
PriceDeals & Discounts on AmazonDeals & Discounts on Amazon
Volume1220 IN3 or 20 L1220 IN3 or 20 L
Comfort of Baby100/100100/100
Comfort for the Carrier90/10080/100
Travel (by plane)70/100100/100
Own Weight70/100 (7.7-Lbs)100/100 (5.0-lbs)
Load Range23.8-lbs to 48.5-lbs23.8-lbs to 48.5-lbs

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Now, let’s take a look at the key differences between them:

Key Differences: Osprey Poco vs Poco LT

When we’ve got them side by side, the Osprey Poco and the Osprey Poco LT, obviously the first thing you can notice is they’re quite different in size.

In terms of weight, the Poco weighs 7.7-lb or 3.5-kg, whereas the Poco LT weighs 10.75-lb or 2.3-kg. Surprisingly though, the maximum amount of weight that they can be loaded is identical. So, with the weight of baby and the child carrier together, both Poco LT and the Poco weigh 22 kg. To sum up, there’s no difference really between the these two in terms of who you can carry in these baby carriers.

Although having said that we would say, if your child is getting larger into the age of +2, you might be looking at Osprey Poco carrier. If you’re going to do a lot of miles as well, just because there’s more room for your baby to sit in and it is more comfortable on a longer journey, the Osprey Poco could be more preferable in comparison to the Poco LT.

They’ve both got adjustable back systems, but both use different ways of doing it. However, the Poco LT feels a lot lighter than the Poco.

Compared to the Poco LT, in the Osprey Poco you have got more padded shoulder straps and more padded hip-belts. Also, the Osprey Poco has more advanced back system with better ventilation. On the other hand, with the Poco LT, you’ve compromised a little bit on the ergonomics, but you’ve got the weight saving.

However, in terms of where the baby sits, it is very similar for both Poco and Poco LT. So, both of them have the same baby carrying system. In both carriers the seat can be lowered for your baby.

In terms of storage, as you’d expect there’s less storage on the Poco LT. However, both Poco and Poco LT have under seat storages. But there’s less in terms of side pockets and hip belt pockets on the Poco LT.

For your baby, both of them have the sun covers that are attached and come over the top so they’re both rated to SPF 50. So that’s a great feature to have and both of them have.

So, the real difference between them is that Osprey Poco is for day hikes and longer but Poco LT is for travel.

Bottom-line of This Comparison

Our verdict for Osprey Poco vs Poco LT comparison:

  • The Poco LT really wins this comparison by far since it is a lot lighter. Therefore, it compresses down really small, so if you want to take it on a plane. Also, you can zip it all the straps, so from a traveling point of view, the Poco LT makes life a lot easier than the Osprey Poco.
  • On the other hand, if you’re going to be out on long day hikes, we think the Osprey Poco is probably the carrier for you. Because it’s a lot more adjustable in terms of getting the fit for yourself and it’s just got a bit more room.