Keen Targhee II vs III: Key Differences [Guide 2023]

This time, we would like to compare the Keen Targhee II vs III and share the key differences between them. If you need a quick answer, we would like to recommend the Targhee II over Targhee III since it is more comfortable and more supportive/stable and more budged considering both hiking shoes and hiking boots options.

Keen Targhee II vs Targhee III Compared for Hiking Shoes and Boots

The Keen aimed to produce a lighter hiking shoes/boots in the Targhee III line and made changes on the face fabric and insert of Targhee II and released it as Targhee III. Apart from these, we found the changes in the new iteration are mostly cosmetic.

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We recommend reading following sections to deeply understand the difference between Keen Targhee II and Targhee III hiking shoes and boots.

Keen Targhee II vs Targhee III: Hiking Shoes Comparison

Keen Targhee III vs Keen Targhee II Hiking Shoes Compared

These two hiking shoes look identical when we take a look to the specifications and material. However, based on our own experience we found the Targhee II more comfortable than the Targhee III.

The Keen made improvements on the weight scale and released the Targhee III. But, the Targhee II is still the one of the most preferred hiking shoes out there.  Especially, from the stability perspective, the Targhee II is a better option. Keen placed a softer insert to the Targhee III to reduce the overall weight of the shoe. They made it, but compromised on the stability and support. By the way, you can conclude that the Targhee III is more flexible, if you are looking a flexible hiking shoe.

We have prepared following chart to help you make a clear decision for Keen Targhee II vs Targhee III hiking shoes:

Comparison of#Keen Targhee III ReviewKeen Targhee II Review
Our Score80/10085/100
Deals & Discounts Rates for Men’s / Women’s on Amazon Rates for Men’s / Women’s on Amazon
Water-Proof Rate4/54/5
Upper FabricLeather-Full GrainNubuck Leather & Mesh
Width OptionsRegularRegular/Wide
Waterproof MembraneKeen.Dry Waterproof Breathable MembraneKeen.Dry Waterproof Breathable Membrane
ShankESS Shank/LightweightESS Torsional Stability
Midsole MaterialEva-Dual DensityCompression Molded Eva – Dual Density
Outsole MaterialRubber-Non MarkingRubber-Non Marking

Keen Targhee II Mid vs Targhee III Mid: Hiking Boots Comparison

Keen Targhee III Mid vs Targhee II Mid Hiking Boots Compared

You may think that the Keen Targhee III Mid is a better hiking boots since it is newer than the Targhee II Mid. But, this is not always the case. Although, they look almost identical considering their specifications, based on our experience the Keen Targhee II Mid is sturdier and supportive and the Targhee III Mid. The insert of Targhee III Mid is softer, therefore more flexible and lighter in weight. However, the Targhee II Mid is more supportive and stable due to its ESS torsional stiff shank.

Here is the table we have put together to help you compare Keen Targhee II Mid vs Targhee II mid hiking boots:

Comparison of#Keen Targhee III Mid ReviewKeen Targhee II Mid Review
Our Score88/10092/100
Deals & Discounts Rates for Men’s / Women’s on Amazon Rates for Men’s / Women’s on Amazon
Water-Proof Rate4/54/5
TypeIt is a light-weight hiking/backpacking boot.It is a light-weight hiking/backpacking boot.
Width OptionsThere are two options available. Regular-Wide.There are two options available. Regular-Wide.
Water Proof MembraneHas a waterproof lining inside- Keen.Dry-Waterproof Breathable Membrane.Has a waterproof lining inside- Keen.Dry-Waterproof Breathable Membrane.
Upper FabricUpper fabric is oiled nubuck leather.Upper fabric is nubuck leather.
ShankIts shank is ESS.Its shank is ESS-Torsional Stability.
Midsole MaterialMidsole is dual density EVA.Midsole is dual density molded EVA.
Sole MaterialSole is all-terrain rubber of Keen.Sole is rubber-outer sole, non-marking.


Considering both hiking shoes and hiking boots of Targhee II and III;

The Targhee II line is more budged, stable, and more comfortable than the Tarhgee III. On the other hand, the Targhee III is lighter since its facefabric and insert has been replaced with softer material.

What we prefer, Keen Targhee II or III? We definetly prefer Keen Tarthee II over III, since it is more comfortable and bugded friendly. A lot of people agree with us, especially considering that Keen is still producing the Targhee II along with the Targhee III.

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