Arc’teryx Proton LT Review: Complete List [2023 Guide]

We admire and review Arc’teryx product a lot, and today would like to share our Arc’teryx Proton LT Review with you. If you need a desperate answer and no time to read this review, here is a short summary of the entire post.

Key Points
Review of:Arc’teryx Proton LT
Overall Score86/100
Price TagRates on Amazon
Weather Protection5/5
Weight13.2 oz
InsulationCoreloft Compact 80 
Fabric MaterialFortius Air 20
Number of Pockets2 insulated zippered hand
1 zippered chest
Credits for specs: Arc’teryx

We highly recommend reading the passage (3-5 min), since Arc’teryx products are far from cheap, and we would like to help you on picking the right insulated jacket.

Long Story Short: Our Review Arc’teryx Proton LT Review

We would like to share the details of our Arc’teryx Proton LT Review. Hello Guys, this is Reuven Fischbein! I will be reviewing Arc’teryx Proton LT Hoody in this article. I have also Atom LT in my wardrobe. So, I will be comparing those two as well. Let’s start!

Arc’teryx Proton LT Hoody is my favorite Arc’teryx jacket. I would consider it a staple of the Arc’teryx line -much like the Atom or a Beta- but perhaps even more so than the others. Arc’teryx absolutely knocked it out of the park with the current iteration of the Proton LT. I personal love everything about this jacket, the fit/comfort, the face fabric, and the versatility, everything is fine.

It is a jacket that you can wear for all year long, stand-alone or under a light shell in warmer months, and as a mid-layer under a shell in the colder months. The material is warm and breathable, and can repel light rain for short periods (and dries quickly), but does little for wind protection as expected. The materials used feel very premium and everything appears to be well made. There are great little features integrated on it, such as the elastic cuffs.

The Proton is an insanely comfortable and mobile jacket. The material is very nice to the touch. I started to use it for climbing; it’s great for everyday as well with the sleek look. It’s just the right warmth, and has enough weather protection for most of the time. DWR from Arc’teryx is best in class and it has enough wind protection for most cases, if the wind really picks up on the ridge or below a colouir, starts snowing etc. I have a hardshell for that by the way. I still cannot believe the superb breathability of the jacket while providing warmth on the move. Pockets are great, although I miss a pocket in the interior! It’s not packable as I like things to be, but it is very light anyway and quite durable.

Arc’teryx Proton LT Review
Arc’teryx Proton LT Review

Now, let’s compare: Proton LT vs Atom LT and other similar products!

Arc’teryx Proton LT vs Atom LT : Key differences, The Comparison Side by Side

I thought It would be better, if I start comparison with Arcteryx Proton vs Atom, because they are very similar, and you may have an issue like Atom or Proton Arcteryx? I had an Atom LT previously and thought that it’s perfomance while ice climbing was great with a merino base layer.   The only thing that I didn’t like was the bulkier fit and the panels on the side which sometimes made me cold which is the expense of breathability.  This Proton LT solves all those problems. To read further on Proton LT vs Atom LT, we strongly recommend checking out our main differences between Proton LT and Atom LT post.

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Arc’teryx Proton Lt vs Atom AR vs Cerium LT Review: Key differences

With a shell over the top of it, the Cerium LT is the warmest of all options closely followed by the Atom AR and Proton LT.

We would highly recommend the Proton LT if you are looking for highly air-permeable layer for high output activities.

If your priority is warmth and you live in a dry climate, you can go with a down mid-layer such as the Cerium LT.

If you live in a humid climate the Atom AR would be the best option for you.

Click on this to read about our Cerium LT Review.

Some Customer Insights for Arc’teryx Proton LT Review

  • Works as a standalone during storms, which surprised me. The DWR treatment is really good, and as long as I’m moving I seem to cook off any moisture generated by Utah snowfall. I rock it with just a t shirt underneath on sunny days around or above freezing and with a long sleeve base layer if it’s stormy and cold. It’s effectively wind proof to around 20mph or so. Faster than that and it lets some air through, which is usually pretty pleasant on that last little groomer shot back to the lift.
  • The proton has been a huge game changer for me for winter sports in the Canadian Rockies. Prior to purchasing this last year, I always struggled with staying warm enough while ice climbing, ski touring, or mountaineering. I tried several active synthetic mid-layers and found that only fleece was breathable enough, but didn’t keep me warm enough during down time. Also, I tried to like the atom LT, but found it was only functional as a mid-layer when it was -20c or colder.
  • I never really understood the idea about the Atom LT, which is really windproof on the front, but would let the wind go directly through in the side panels. For me this Proton LT makes perfect sense, as an all-round absolutely more breathable jacket. This also makes this jacket much nicer to use in a layering system. I used it on +5-10 degrees days with just a t-shirt under biking, and with a thin fleece under while rock climbing. I will look forward to use this ice climbing as well.

Arc’teryx Proton LT Hoody Customer Rating 4.6 out of 5 Star based on 104 customer experiences.

Arc’teryx Proton LT Review of Pros/Cons based on the survey are as follows:

Pros (+): 

  • abrasion resistant
  • layers well, 
  • hood fits great with helmets
  • practical,
  •  warm, 
  • comfortable, 
  • protects very well, 
  • breathable
  • Pass form Isolation Style
  • good combination of warm breathing
  • durable
  • versatile
  • lightweight
  • good looking, 
  • warm protects from elements reasonable price,  breathable
  • lightweight just enough bells and whistles
  • doesn’t retain moisture
  • compact
  • lightweight,  versatile,  fit
  • great material
  • super fit
  • never need to take it off

Cons (-): 

  • prefer hood that disappears when not in use
  • hood to small
  • waist too high in front
  • occasional overheating
  • cuffs are hard to get around thicker gloves
  • No inside pockets but don’t need them.
  • zipper seems a little
  • snug fit
  • Not 100% windproof/waterproof

The Purpose of Usage of Arc’teryx Proton LT Review based on 104 Customer Reviews:

  • Ice climbing
  • Backpacking, hiking, disc golf
  • Walking, Trail Running
  • All around. Camping.
  • Everything.
  • Daily wear and as an insulated layer for skiing.
  • Biking, mountaineering
  • Snowboarding, Daily Use in Bay Area
  • Around town,
  • Travel
  • Escalade, randonnée, casual
  • cold weather hiking/climbing
  • Dog walking
  • Alpine Touring
  • Urban activity
  • Nordic Skiing, Hiking, Snowshoeing
  • Anything outdoors

Technical Details From Arc’teryx Proton LT Review

Materials of Proton LT

Technical Features OF PROTON LT

Construction OF PROTON LT

Helmet Compatible Hood Design of Arc’teryx Proton LT Hoody
Helmet Compatible Hood of Arc’teryx Proton LT Hoody

Design & Fit OF PROTON LT

  • Trim fit for athletic performance

Patterning OF PROTON LT

  • Articulated elbows
  • Gusseted underarms for mobility and comfort

Hood Configuration OF PROTON LT

Zippers & Fly Configuration OF PROTON LT

Cuff & Sleeves Configuration OF PROTON LT

  • Stretch-knit cuffs

Hem Configuration OF PROTON LT

Hem Adjuster of Arc’teryx Proton LT Hoody
Hem Adjuster of Arc’teryx Proton LT Hoody
  • Drop back hem
  • Dual lower hem adjusters

Pocket Configuration OF PROTON LT

Pocket Configuration LT Hoody
Pocket Configuration
  • Chest pocket with zip
  • Two insulated hand pockets with zippers

Fabric Treatment OF PROTON LT

  • DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish repels moisture


 XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


 375 g / 13.2 oz


Check the Below Table For Your Size Before Order:


Arc’teryx Proton LT Review


Air permeable mid layer insulation with abrasion and weather resistant outer surface.


High performance, minimalist design that is durable for its weight.


Climbing equipment designed for efficient movement and protection in alpine environments.


Man-made insulation with quick dry times, durability and retains warmth when damp.

Bottom Line for Arc’teryx Proton LT Review

Arc’teryx Proton LT is the perfect combination of insulation, breathability, and wind resistance.  If it really starts gusting, you will need your shell on regardless.  I just put it through the ringer on some steep ice, multi pitch ice and mixed climbing. My verdict is: It worked exactly like it should.  The face fabric is a bomber as I was wedged in a 40 meter chimney on a mixed climb and no abrasions on my jacket.

You can also see the detailed review about Arc’teryx Atom LT.

Arc’teryx Proton LT Hoody: Q&A

What is No Slip Zip mean for a Proton LT Hoody?

Yes the Proton LT Hoody features a No Slip Zip™ front zipper. A No-Slip Zip™ will feel like a sticky zipper towards the top of the zipper coil since this is where the teeth on the zipper are shaped differently to prevent the zipper slider from sliding down.

Regular washing       Would regular washing degrade it’s insulation like Down jackets? What would I be aware of when washing the Proton LT?          

It is always important to wash your product without over washing it. The Coreloft™ Continuous insulation is very durable and will stay in place overtime.Here are the washing instruction for your garment:

Machine wash in cold water.

Do not use fabric softener.

Tumble dry on low heat.

Do not iron.

is it enough resistant to use as outer layer in alpine climbing in mixed terrain (rock and ice)?             

The Proton LT is designed primarily as a mid-layer piece with softshell properties so that it can be worn as a standalone outer piece as well.  Therefore, durability and abrasion-resistance have been factored into the design process.  That being said, durability of face fabric is always relative to how one uses it and how often it is used.  Alpine climbing can see more natural abuse to fabrics because of the terrain, environment and the gear.  Even if something is very durable and made for climbing, it is still not entirely safeguarded from sharp or gritty rocks, ice tools, crampons and other natural hazards.

What is the weight of this jacket in the large size?          

The Men’s Proton LT hoodies are roughly 400 grams- we do not provide weight for all sizes as the fit measurements are much more important factors to consider than the weight. (ie. you should not purchase a smaller size item just because of the weight due to the fact you can cut off your circulation

Proton LT vs FL – Shoulder Season in the Mountains       I’ve got a climbing trip in Chamonix this September (mostly rock) and I’m interested in bringing along a Proton. I have an Atom LT that I love, but usually don’t climb with because of breathability.

The difference in insulation is quite significant between the Proton FL and the Proton LT. The choice will come down on your priorities. If you need a jacket mostly for belaying and colder days, the Proton LT will be your best choice. If most days are fairly warm but you still need a lightly insulated piece for overall comfort, the Proton FL might be the best choice.For comparison, the Proton LT is a highly air-permeable version of the Atom LT.

What products would you use to clean proton LT       Also  would the logo on the proton lt ever come off ?

We recommend using a mild liquid detergent, washed in a front loading washer on a cold water setting.We pride ourselves on the quality of our garments, but anything that is laminated on has the potential to de-laminate, depending on the conditions that garment is subject to (heat/cold, weather, proper care, etc.)

Sambal color is red or orange?

Sambal is a burnt Orange. What you’re able to do is order the item and if the colour isn’t to your liking you’re able to return it.

Warmth and windproof compared to Fortrez. How this compares in warmth and windproof to the Fortrez Hoody?

Neither the Proton LT nor the Fortrez are windproof. However, the Proton LT is more wind-resistant than the Fortrez.Moreover, the Proton LT Hoody is warmer than the Fortrez because it has 65g/m2 of synthetic Coreloft Continuous insulation between the layers of the nylon fabric.

Is the Proton LT warmer than the Atom LT?

The Proton LT is designed for higher-output activities in cold conditions.  It is meant to keep you warm, while not building up your body heat too much.  This is why the fabric, both inner and outer face fabrics are more air-permeable than the fabric of the Atoms.  In this sense, the Proton LT would be less warm than the Atom LT.

That being said, the Proton LT has 80g of Coreloft Compact insulation in the main body, whereas the Atom LT has 60g of Coreloft insulation.  Coreloft Compact is more dense and more durable in terms of loft retention over a longer period of time.  Because of this and because there is more of the insulation, I would say that the Proton LT will be a bit warmer than the Atom LT, technically speaking.From an experience standpoint, people have differing opinions.  Some feel the Proton LT is warmer and some the Atom LT. 

Warmth really depends on many factors including own core body temperature and personal preferences.Essentially, the Proton LT and the Atom LT are similar, but I don’t think that the Proton LT will be significantly warmer for your uses in the conditions that you will be using it in, however.  I still think that the Atom AR Hoody would be best.

I was wondering how the breathability and warmth of this jacket compares to the Acto FL.

The Proton LT is a very different piece. It is significantly warmer than the Acto FL as it is meant to be an insulation mid-layer. It’s slightly warmer than the Atom LT, while also being much more breathable thanks to an very air-permeable interior and exterior.The Acto FL is a thin hard fleece/softshell, and not really in the same category. It has better weather resistance but is at roughly 30% as warm as the Proton LT. The Acto excels as a midlayer that doubles as an outer layer if you are working hard in mixed conditions.

Color: Cardinal (AR) vs. Flare (LT): How different are the Cardinal (Proton AR) vs Flare (Proton LT) colors?

The Flare has a stronger orange undertone whereas the Cardinal is a more pure red.

Backpack Durability?

The Proton LT is an extremely durable and breathable, synthetically insulated lightweight mid-layer for high output activities, and has been designed with hard-wearing properties.When comparing products, the gamma MX has been designed as an outer layer, so the durability will be different from products designed as a mid-layer. That being said, the Proton has been designed with durability in mind.

Is this jacket OK to be compressed?

In general, repeated and extended compression does affect the longevity of a garment, however, this jacket is made from Coreloft Continuous, thus it is more resistant to packing out compared to our other synthetically insulated garments.