Brooks Glycerin 20 Review: Top Comfort of Brooks [2023 Guide]

Today, we will be talking about the Brooks Glycerin 20 review. The Glycerin 20 is our go-to choice for the top comfort; this is a plush shoe for neutral pronates. If you are looking for a long story short summary of this review, the Glycerin is the top of the cushioned models of Brooks Running Shoes, which is the most protective and softest in its category. Do we recommend it? Yes, the Glycerin is very suitable for long distance runs as well as daily training, and it is very durable.

Brooks Glycerin 20 Complete Review: Including GTS and StealthFit variants

In addition, there is a GTS version, “Glycerin GTS 20”. In this version, GuideRails technology has been implemented to increase the stability. By means of this, you can acquire the comfort and the stability at once. Basically, the Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 is as plush as the standard Glycerin 20, but it is also as stable/supportive as the Brooks Adrenaline GTS running shoe. Beacuse, the GuideRails technology of the Adrenaline GTS line has been implemented on the Glycerin GTS 20 as well. The purpose of this edition is to offer the top stability and the top cuhioning at once, with the Brooks Glycerin GTS 20. Except the stability, the GTS version is almost the same as the standard Brooks Glycerin 20.

One more thing, the Glycerin 20 has also a StealthFit option, that we will be talking about later on this topic.

Let’s take a look at how Brooks Glycerin 20 performs:

Brooks Glycerin 20 Review and Performance Evaluation
Overall Score
Review of #Glycerin 20
Our Score87/100
Our Selection forThe Most Comfortable Brooks Running Shoe
FeelPlush Cushioning (3/3)
FlexibilityFlexible (4/5)
Drop-mm (M/W)10
Weight-gr (M/W)290/255
Width OptionsNarrow/Normal/Wide
Deals & Discounts Rates Men’s / Women’s

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Our Highlights for Brooks Glycerin 20 Review:

The Brooks Glycerin 20 is the best cushioned neutral running shoes in the Brooks Running Shoes family, and it is perfect for runners who seek a daily trainer for neutral pronates. This plush shoe is designed for comfort, indeed the Glycerin 20 is all about the comfort.

Men’s Glycerin 20

How does Brooks Glycerin 20 Men's Look

Women’s Glycerin 20

The Women's version

What we liked the most on Glycerin 20

  • The Top Comfort of Brooks Family
  • Durable
  • Plush Interior Lining
  • Ample Room for Toe Splay
  • Smooth Footstrike
  • Comfortable & Fine Fit

What we don’t like on Brooks Glycerin 20

  • A Bit Heavy
  • Runs a Little Short
  • Unresponsive
  • A Bit Warm – Not for Summer

Upper and Midsole

What we liked the most on Glycerin 20 is its upper. The upper material is updated. The new plush upper provides a better fit. The Glycerin 20 is incredibly flexible with lots of padding. Its forefoot and toe box are so stretchy. The Gusseted tongue is made from stretchy nylon polyester. There is ample room for toes splay. Moreover, for the extreme underfoot softness, DNA Loft 3 is added in the new version.

Glycerin 20 Review for Durability and Traction

The Glycerin 20 is highly durable and comfortable and this makes this pair of shoes highly eligible for long runs as well as daily trainings. The outsole is full rubber and it extends its durability. The traction is very well on dry surfaces.

Running Experience with Glyerin 20

To begin with, the Brooks Glycerin is not a stability shoe except its GTS version. In 2021, Brooks released the GTS version of the Glycerin. So, with this update, you can acquire both top stability and plush feeling at once.  If you are looking for both cushioned and a decent stability, we recommend Brooks Ghost which also breathes better than Glycerin and more suitable for summer (You may want to check out our in-depth “Ghost 14 vs Glycerin 20: Key Differences” post). For the top stability (especially for over pronates), the Brooks Adrenaline GTS is our go to shoes in the cushioned models of Brooks (For further information, recommend reading our in-depth “Brooks Glycerin vs Adrenaline GTS: Key Differences” post).

For the short distance runs where the power output will be significant, the Glycerin 20 is not recommended. Beacuse it is highly cushioned and incredibly soft. Also it is a bit heavy and unresponsive. Remember that the Brooks Glycerin is all about the comfort.

Due to the amount of padding, it is a bit warm. Also, the upper is thick. Therefore, it may not be the best running shoe for summer.

If you decide to go with this pair of shoes, make sure your top priority is the comfort and the top cushioning. Folks are asking the question what type of shoe is the Brooks Glycerin will end up with the answer “The Most Cushioned Ones of Brooks Running Shoes”.

Brooks Glycerin 19 vs 20 Review: Updates & Key Differences

We thought is good to note the key differences between Glycerin 19 and 20. Here is a quick list of Brooks Glycerin 19 vs 20 updates and key differences:

  • The main difference between Brooks Glycerin 19 and 20 is the midsole material. The older version Glycerin 19 had DNA Loft foam in midsole. However, the new Glycerin 20 has DNA Loft 3.  The DNA Loft 3 is a nitrogen-infused cushioning foam which is intended to provide softer, lighter and more responsive ride. So, you can conclude that the Glycerin 20 is softer, lighter and more responsive than the Glycerin 19.
  • The second most notable difference between the Brooks Glycerin 19 and Glycerin 20 is the StealthFit option which is released with the Brooks Glycerin 20. The Brooks Glycerin StealthFit 20 offers custom fit which means that its Fit Knit upper conforms to the shape of your foot. On the other hand, the Glycerin 19 does not have StealthFit option.
  • The new version is snugger and flexible. We appreciated its fit. The upper and the plush interior liner cover the foot very well.
  • 3D fit print upper provides more stretchy construction and it is more comfortable along with its updated mesh.
  • The OrthoLite sockliner enhances the comfort

As always, the Brooks is a science-oriented company and we are satisfied with the updates on the Glycerin Line.

Check out this video for the details of DNA Loft technology of the Brooks:

Glycerin 20 vs GTS 20 Comparison:

Brooks Glycerin 20 vs Glycerin GTS 20: The key difference between the Glycerin 20 and GTS 20 is the stability. The Glycerin GTS 20 has an additional feature called out GuideRails. This technology adds extra stability to the Glycerin line. So, if you are over pronate and looking for comfortable, highly cushioned plush shoe and stable, the Glycerin GTS 20 could be your go to choice.

The GuideRails technology adds a layer of stability on the both sides of the shoe and it provides some extra support for flexible arches/ankles.

Here is a quick list of key points of Brooks Glycerin 20 vs Brooks Glycerin GTS 20:

CategoryGlycerin 20Glycerin GTS 20
Weight (oz)9.0 Women’s, 10.2 Men’s9.5 Women’s- 10.7 Men’s
Heel to Toe Drop (mm)1010
SupportNeutralStability (GuideRails Tech)
Purpose of UseLong Runs-Every Day TrainingLong Runs-Every Day Training

In the end, the Glycerin GTS 20 is a partner stability shoe to the Glycerin 20. The fit, amount of cushioning and heel to toe drop are the same. The Glycerin GTS 20 has only GuideRails technology to increase the stability of the shoe and therefore, it is slightly heavier.

GuideRails technology (as it can be seen from this scheme) is the key difference between Glycerin 19 and Glycerin GTS 19.
Brooks GuideRails Technology Representation


Asics Gel Nimbus vs Brooks Glycerin

Asics Gel Nimbus vs Brooks Glycerin: The Brooks Glycerin line is comparable to the Asics Gel-Nimbus. With the new updates on the Asics Gel-Nimbus, it is more focused on the performance; therefore, Glycerin is softer than the Nimbus. We found the Nimbus is more stable in terms of landing platform. However, the upper of Glycerin is more stretchy. It is softer, lighter and faster than the Nimbus. Also, there is more room in the toe box of Glycerin. All in all, both of them have minimal stability, but they are cushioned neutral running shoes.

Brooks Glycerin 20

ASICS GEL NIMBUS 23 VS BROOKS GLYCERIN 19 -  Comparison and Key Differences
Overall Score

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Asics Gel Nimbus 24

ASICS GEL NIMBUS 23 VS BROOKS GLYCERIN 19 -  Complete List of Comparison
Overall Score

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Here is the list of key differences between Asics Gel Nimbus 23 vs Brooks Glycerin 20:

CriteriaASICS GEL NIMBUS 24Brooks Glycerin 20
Heel to toe drop is10 mm10 mm
Heel Height is23 mm32 mm
Forefoot Heigt is13 mm22 mm
Upper isGradient Jacquard MeshDouble Jacquard Mesh
Midsole is made ofFlyteFoam / FluidRideDNA Loft 3
Outsole is made ofHigh Abrasion Rubber and blown rubber  HPR Plus and blown rubber 
Available Width OptionsNormal & WideNormal & Wide
Support & StabilityNeutral Stability-Arch SupportNeutral Stability-Arch Support
Where to useSuitable for Road RunningSuitable for Road Running
Asics Gel Nimbus vs Brooks Glycerin

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To generalize, here is the list of useful info about Brooks vs Asics Running Shoes:

Brooks Running Shoes

  • Have wider toe box
  • Science-oriented to accommodate the right gait.
  • Designs for specially running

ASICS Running Shoes

  • More narrow fit (heel & midsole)
  • The shock absorption is obtained by the GEL technology
  • Not exclusively for running, but designs for many different sports.

Asics Kayano vs Brooks Glycerin

Is Asics Kayano comparable to the Brooks Glycerin line? Not exactly! The Kayano line of Asics is for the top stability. Therefore, the corresponding product of Asics Kayano in Brooks Family is the Adrenaline GTS line. Although, there is a GTS version of the Glycerin line which uses guiderails to increase the stability, we recommend checking the Adrenaline GTS, if you seek the top stability.

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On the other hand, the Brooks Glycerin is comparable to the Asics Nimbus model. Both products are the top neutral shoe and you can find in-depth comparison here: “Asics Gel Nimbus vs Brooks Glycerin”.

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Brooks Glycerin vs Nike Vomero

We compared the Brooks Glycerin vs Nike Vomero, and would like to share the key differences between them. To begin with, we would like to emphasize the common points between these shoes. First of all, both of them are neutral, high arch type running shoes and their uppers are made of mesh and heel to toe drop is 10 mm.

What are the key differences between Nike Vomero and Brooks Glycerin? Here is the list of key differences:

  • The width option; Nike has only Normal, Glycerin has Normal and Wide.
  • The cushioning of Nike Vomero is Firm, but Glycerin is plush.
  • The Vomero is more responsive, but Glycerin is more comfortable. It is also more breathable.
  • We found that the fit of Glycerin is better. The fit of both Glycerin and Vomero in toe box is wide.
  • There is no significant weight difference between them; however, the Nike Vomero is slightly lighter.

Brooks Glycerin 20

Overall Score

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Nike Vomero 15

Overall Score

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What is the best neutral cushioned running shoe?

Apart from the Glycerin 20 Review, we also would like to list the best neutral cushioned running shoes in the market place.

Here is the complete list of the best neutral cushioned running shoes, we examined so far:

Brooks Glycerin 20 Size Chart Review

Brooks Glycerin 20 Size Chart: We recommend ordering Brooks running shoes 1/2 to one size larger than your dress shoe.

For the conversion: Unisex sizes match men’s sizes per industry standard. If you prefer to convert between men’s and women’s shoes, take the women’s size and subtract 1.5 to find the men’s size. For example, a women’s size 8.5 is a men’s size 7.

Men’s Glycerin 20 Size Chart


Women’s Glycerin 20 Size Chart


Our Verdict for Brooks Glycerin 20 Review

Brooks Glycerin 20 Review: The Brooks Glycerin 20 is the best cushioned neutral running shoes in the Brooks Running Shoes family, and it is perfect for runners who seek a daily trainer for neutral pronates. This plush shoe is designed for comfort, indeed the Glycerin 20 is all about the comfort.