Best Brooks Running Shoes: Selection Guide [2023]

We admire Brooks’s Running Shoes a lot and would like to share our experience in this post and guide you to the Best Brooks Running Shoes. The Brooks company is amazing, and there is a scientific studies and customer feedbacks behind their designs. Each running shoes offered by them are the best in their class.

If you are already decided to go with one of the Brooks’ product but could not decide which one is the Best Brooks Running Shoes, your answer relies on the running experience type you seek. The first, you need to decide what kind of activity you are planning with them. Brooks offers their running shoes in three different categories which are activity specific. To begin with, there are cushioned, springy and speed work models. Each of these experience types distinguishes the models from each other.

Best Brooks Running Shoes - Top Selection for Buying Advice

Brooks Running Shoes Summary Chart

Although, we usually recommend reading all the passage (3-5 min) to pick the best pair for you, we have put together the following chart in case you need a desperate answer. Here is the Best Brooks Running Shoes Comparison Chart that will help you better understand the design intents of the top pick Brooks Running Shoes:

Review of #Adrenaline GTS 22Ghost 14Glycerin 20 / GTSBeast/Ariel 20Launch 9Revel 5Levitate 5Addiction GTS 15
Our Score92/10092/10087/10082/10088/10092/10085/10082/100
Our Selection forGreat StabilityBest for Average RunnerGreat ComfortExtreme SupportBest Budged Speed TrainerBest Do-it-all Running ShoeBest for MarathonsBest for Heavy Body Weights
SupportStabilityNeutralNeutralSevere PronationNeutralNeutralNeutralSevere Pronation
FeelBalanced Cushioning (2/3)Balanced Cushioning (2/3)Plush Cushioning (3/3)Balanced Cushioning (2/3)Speed 1/3 & Balanced Cushioning (2/3)Energize 1/3 & Balanced Cushioning (2/3)Energize 3/3 & Balanced Cushioning (2/3)Plush Cushioning (3/3)
FlexibilityModerate (3/5)Flexible (4/5)Flexible (4/5)Stiff (1/5)Flexible (4/5)Flexible (4/5)Flexible (4/5)Flexible (4/5)
Drop-mm (M/W)12121012108812
Weight-gr (M/W)289/258280/255290/255332/300232/201249/220292/260346/315
Width OptionsNarrow/Normal/Wide/XWideNarrow/Normal/Wide/XWideNarrow/Normal/WideNormal/Wide/XWideNormal/WideNormalNormalNarrow/Normal/Wide/XWide
Our Expert ReviewIn-depth ReviewIn-depth ReviewIn-depth ReviewIn-depth ReviewIn-depth ReviewIn-depth ReviewIn-depth ReviewIn-depth Review
Deals & DiscountsRates Men’s Women’sRates Men’s / Women’sRates Men’s Women’sRates Men’s / Women’sRates Men’s / Women’sRates Men’s / Women’sRates Men’s / Women’sRates Men’s / Women’s
Best Brooks Running Shoes Comparison Chart

You might wondering the Asics running shoes as well. Don’t worry, we prepared “Brooks vs Asics: Comparison of Best Running Shoes Brand” article to guide you.

Best Stability Brooks Running Shoes

Best Stability Brooks Running Shoes

Here is the full list of Best Brooks Stability Running Shoes:

  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS – Stability & Moderate Cushioning
  • Brooks Glycerin GTS – Stability & Plush Cushioning
  • Brooks Launch GTS – Stability & Speed Work
  • Brooks Levitate GTS – Stability & Springy Ride

In the past, the answer for the Best Stability Brooks Running Shoes was the Adrenaline GTS (Go-To-Support) line. The Brooks Adrenaline has GuideRails Technology, which prevents excess ankle movement and specifically designed for over-pronators. Also, it is good to note that the Adrenaline line is a cushioned model (moderate). In the cushion category, Brooks offers Glycerin model as well which is the plushest model of the Brooks family, and now it has a stability variant the Brooks Glycerin GTS. Honestly, the main difference between those two is the amount of cushioning. Here is an article that compares Brooks Adrenaline GTS vs Glycerin GTS, if you couldn’t decide. You can check the following video to understand how the GuideRails technology works:

Nowadays, Brooks releases GTS models for springy and speedy models as well as the cushioned models. So, we have Brooks Launch GTS for the ones looking for a speed work and Brooks Levitate GTS for springy ride.

Best Do-it-all or Daily Trainer Brooks Running Shoes

Best Do-it-all Brooks Running Shoes & Daily Trainer

Although, the they are specific to activity, we pick some of them as the winner of the Best Do-it-all and the Best Daily Trainer running shoes.

The following shoes are highly versatile!

The Brooks Revel is a springy model indeed. However, it is a bit of everything. Therefore, we would like to highlight this model as the Best Do-it-all Brooks Running Shoe.

Another pick is the Brooks Ghost line which is a cushioned model, but it pleases everyone who experiences it. It has all the right proportions in it and therefore, it is the Best Daily Trainer Brooks Running Shoes.

Best for Marathons

Best Brooks Running Shoes for Marathons

The energy return is the key for the Marathon races and the Best Brooks Running Shoes for Marathons or Ultra-Marathon races is the Brooks Levitate line. It has the best energy return – springy ride amongst the other running shoes.

Although, we usually pick Brooks Hyperion Tempo for speed training, it is very eligible for marathon races as well. The Hyperion Tempo is lighter and quicker than the Brooks Levitate. Here are the links that you can check Hyperion Tempo Men’s & Women’s in online sources.

The Most Comfortable

The Most Comfortable Brooks Running Shoes

It is so clear that the most comfortable Brooks Running Shoes are the Brooks Glycerin and the Ghost line. Those two models are cushioned models of the Brooks Line. The Glycerin model is the plushest model of the Brooks, whereas, the Ghost line has balanced cushioning. We would like to recommend checking our “Brooks Glycerin Review” or “Brooks Ghost Review”. We also prepared a complete list to compare Brooks Glycerin vs Ghost side by side.

Best Brooks Running Shoes for Severe Pronation

Best Brooks Running Shoes for Severe Pronation

The Best Brooks Running Shoes for Severe Pronation are the Brooks Beast and Addiction GTS. Also, there is an alternative support shoe of Brooks, the Adrenaline GTS line. The Adrenaline is a support shoe, which is highly stabile and supportive. It has a balanced cushion as well, so you can conclude that it is highly comfortable. On the other hand, the Beast is a special running shoe which is designed for the severe pronation. We prepared a guide that compares Brooks Beast vs Adrenaline. If you don’t have time to check it out, here is your summary: Beast is extremely supportive, stable, but bulkier, heavier and stiffer. On the other hand, Adrenaline is more comfy.

Also, you might wonder the differences between Brooks Addiction GTS and Adrenaline GTS. The Addiction GTS has motion control and corrects your stride and especially designed for the severe pronation. You can check our “Brooks Addiction vs Adrenaline GTS” article to read more about this comparison.

For further reading, we recommend checking our Brooks Adrenaline GTS Review.

Best Brooks Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Best Brooks Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Depending on your pronation type, the best Brooks Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis are the Brooks Glycerin and the Brooks Adrenaline running shoes. The Brooks Glycerin is the plushest model for the neutral pronates. On the other hand, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS is a support shoe for over pronates. Both of them work very well against Plantar Fasciitis.

What is Plantar Fasciitis? It leads to Heel Spurs and other severe conditions

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Best Brooks Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Brooks Running Shoes for Flat Feet

The Best Brooks Running Shoes for Flat Feet is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS line. It is the best pick for the support & stability shoes.

Brooks also offers the following options for the Flat Feet, if you are prone to over-pronate:

So, you may wonder what is the differences between those running shoes. You can check out Brooks Adrenaline GTS vs Addiction GTS or Brooks Beast vs Adrenaline GTS for the detailed comparisons between these best brooks running shoes for flat feet.

Best Brooks Running Shoes for High Arches

Brooks Recommends for High Arches

The most popular Best Brooks Running Shoes for High Arches is the Brooks Ghost line. It fits great and offers consistent ride. It has all the right proportions in it. The DNA Loft Foam ( the softest foam that  Brooks makes), provides great cushioning as well as easy landing.

The Feet Arch Types: Normal Arch, High Arch and Flat Arch.

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Best Price on Brooks Running Shoes

Best Price on Brooks

Before making your final decision, please remember that! If you are purchasing the Brooks product, you are investing on the high quality running shoes. Brooks products are not cheap. However, by paying a little more, you can run more happily. Usually, they have free shipping and returns. You won’t regret it!

Here is the list that you can find the Best Price on Brooks Running Shoes. You can click on them to check the price tag on the online sources.


As it can be seen, there is no easy way to pick the bestest! Because it totally depends on the purpose of usage, since Brooks designed their product in this way. In order to make the right conclusion, we recommend you to decide what kind of activity your are planning. Are you looking for a speed trainer, or plush cushioning? Is the responsiveness the top priority for you during decision? Do you need energy return in each stride? What is your pronation type? And so on! When you make your decision, go back to the top of the page and check the table for the bestest.

In this post, we tried to explain everything as much as we can. Honestly, there are a lot to talk. Therefore, we recommend checking our Running Shoes category in the main menu, if you are wondering the details. We prepared in-depth reviews for the products listed in this entry.

Thank you so much for making this article worth reading. Feel free to get in touch anytime through our contact page.