Nano Puff vs Down Sweater: Main Differences [2023 Guide]

We reviewed them separately and would like to compare Patagonia Nano Puff vs Down Sweater side by side. The main difference between Nano Puff and Down Sweater is the insulation. The Nano Puff has synthetic insulation. On the other hand, Down Sweater has 800-fill down in it.

The main difference between Patagonia Nano Puff and Down Sweater Hoody

Here is the list of key differences between Patagonia Nano Puff and Down Sweater:

  • Down Sweater keeps highly warmer than Nano Puff in dry weather.
  • Nano Puff works better than Down Sweater in wet condition, but simply saying these are not completely waterproof jackets.
  • Both jackets are DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coated, which helps to keep water out up to some point.
  • Both jackets are packable if you try hard. From the compressibility stand point, we saw that the Nano Puff is better compared to the Down Sweater. But the difference is pretty small in this regard. You can check out the photo below to see how they are packed.
Nano Puff vs Down Sweater Compressibility & Packability

Also, we have put together the following chart which could be helpful to decide Nano Puff or Down Sweater:

Down Jackets #Nano Puff InsulatedPatagonia Down Sweater Hoody
Price TagCheck Price on REICheck Price on REI
Our Selection ForThe Most PopularBest for Town Use
Water Resistance80/10060/100
Weight11.9 ounces15.1 ounces
Fill Type60 gr Primaloft Gold Eco800-fill Advanced
Global Traceable Down
Expert ReviewNano Puff ReviewDown Sweater Hoody Review
Credits for Specs: Patagonia

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Nano Puff vs Down Sweater Hoody: Performance Review


Honestly, we would prefer Patagonia Down Sweater over Nano Puff. Because it keeps warmer than the Nano Puff, but it is less water resistant. The only down side of this jacket is the wet environment. As a result of being a down jacket, when the Patagonia Down Sweater gets wet, you will be no longer protected from the cold. However, as we know that the synthetic insulation dries faster. On this circumstance, the Nano Puff will get dry faster and will be more protective.


From the durability stand point, the Down Sweater still does better job than the Nano Puff. Here are the details of their fabric structure:

  • Nano Puff: 1.4-oz 20-denier for shell and 1.3-oz 22-denier for lining
  • Down Sweater: 1.4-oz 20×30-denier in shell and 1.4-oz 20-denier in lining


The Nano Puff uses 60 gr Primaloft Gold Eco, whereas, the Down Sweater has 800-fill Advanced down fill. The synthetic insulation of Nano Puff lost its capability to provide warmth in wet condition. The only good thing about this jacket is its synthetic insulation gets dry faster than Down Sweater.

Water Resistance

Both jackets are water resistant up to a point but not completely. They are DWR coated which tries to keep the water out. Based on our own experience, the Down Sweater is better compared to the Nano Puff when it comes to water resistance. Just keep in mind, when it gets wet, here comes the trouble.

Packability & Compressibility for Nano Puff vs Down Sweater

Frankly, it is hard to pack those two jackets in to their pocket. But, it is still possible. From the compressibility and pack-ability stand point, Nano Puff is a slightly better option to consider.

Bottom-line for Patagonia Nano Puff vs Down Sweater:

Our final decision for Patagonia Nano Puff vs Down Sweater: On the wet climate, it is a better option to go out with Nano Puff. But if you consider the warmth level, Down Sweater will do better.

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