Garmin Forerunner 745 vs 945: Key Differences [Guide 2022]

We have got Garmin Forerunner 745 vs 945 side by side. Here, we want to walk through the differences between the two in terms of specs, hardware, and features. If you are looking for a short answer, the main difference between these two is the battery-life and the offline mapping which comes with only Forerunner 945 but not with the Forerunner 745.

Garmin Forerunner 745 vs Forerunner 945: The main difference between these two is the battery-life and the offline mapping which comes with only Forerunner 945 but not with the Forerunner 745.

The first thing we notice between these two watches is obviously the size difference. The Garmin Forerunner 745 is 43 millimeters in diameter and the Forerunner 945 is 47 millimeters in diameter. So, this is a pretty big difference in the diameter of the watch. But, they have pretty much the same thickness at around 13 millimeters.

Both watches are almost the exact same weight the Forerunner 745 is 47 grams and the Forerunner 945 is 50 grams. So, there is 3 grams difference and you’re probably not going to feel that on your wrist.

Both watches feature a 1.2 inch display. Even though the Forerunner 945 is a larger watch, it still has the same display. So, you get those pretty chunky thick bezels around it which not a lot of people love. But, it is what it is. We do prefer the form factor of the Forerunner 745 over the Forerunner 945.

However, all these do not make one a better running watch than the other. Let’s focus on the key differences between them, which will help you make a clear decision. Before going any further, Here is the list of our related articles, you want to read more on Garmin Smart Watches:

Key Differences Between Forerunner 745 vs Forerunner 945

Let’s talk about that which one to buy and the key differences between them. There are a couple of things that are on the Forerunner 745 that are not on the Forerunner 945, even though the Forerunner 945 is supposed to be a tier above it.

Running on Track

For instance, the Forerunner 745 has a new activity specifically for running on a track. This function basically takes your first run when you’re running on a track. Then, it uses the GPS data for that circle and then it copies that every time you follow the track. Finally, it tries to bring you back in line with that first circle. This is great technology and it works really well.

Suggested Workouts

The other features specific to the Forerunner 745 is the suggested workouts. Basically when you try to go for a run, it tries to suggest a workout for you based on your fitness level and your training load for that day. Again this can be really handy, if you use these kinds of tools to help you train. But the Forerunner 945 does not have that yet.

Recovery Time

In the last feature, we want to talk about on the Forerunner 745 vs Forerunner 945 is the recovery time. Both watches will give you a recovery time, after you go for a long run. However, the Forerunner 745 takes a lot of other details into account when it gives you recovery time. It actually goes back and collects your sleep data, your stress data, your body battery, and your training load. Then, it gives you an estimated time for how long you should be recovered from that run. On the other hand, the Forerunner 945 follows a different way. Its measurements are purely based on that particular activity.

We just noticed that Garmin updated the software to Beta revision. This update actually brings a lot of those 745 features over to the 945, including that track mode we just talked about and the new recovery time.

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff in this update like improved optical heart rate sensor accuracy, bouldering in indoor climbing activities, features specific for mountain biking, and some other little details.

Battery-life Comparison for 745 vs 945

Let’s talk about battery-life. The Garmin Forerunner 745 can last up to 7-days in smartwatch mode or 16-hours in GPS on mode. The Forerunner 945 can last about two weeks in smart watch mode and up to 36 hours of GPS on mode. That’s a lot more battery life on the Forerunner 945 in comparison to Forerunner 745. We got to be honest, we were hoping for more out of the Forerunner 745 when it came to battery-life. But, 16 hours of GPS on time isn’t that great for someone who runs a lot.

It’s not just about having long battery-life for really long activities like ultra-marathons. If you’re a heavy user, you use it every day for GPS tracking on a bike, or running, or something, then those hours add up and it means you’ll be charging your watch a lot more often.

Offline Mapping Capabilities

The last thing we would like to talk about on Forerunner 745 vs 945 is what is exclusive to the Forerunner 945. The Garmin Forerunner 945 features full offline mapping capabilities. You can navigate courses and see what’s around you in terms of like restaurants and points of interest. You can design a round-trip course right on my wrist without using a computer at all. Based on how far you want to run and what direction you want to go in. All this stuff is super powerful and it’s only on the Forerunner 945 and Fenix line at this time. The Garmin Forerunner 745, however does have some navigation features. You can navigate a course on, but you won’t have full offline map. The navigation features between the Forerunner 745 and 945 is probably the biggest difference between these two watches.

Similarities Between Forerunner 745 and Forerunner 945

Let’s talk about what’s the same between these two watches in terms of features. They’re almost exactly the same watch when it comes to smart watch and fitness features.

Smart Watch Features

Both watches feature the advanced training metrics you’ll find on all the high-end Garmin Smart Watches. These training metrics will show you things like your VO2 max, your race predictor and how fast you can run certain distances.

Both watches have the same smartwatch features with weathering widgets, a calendar widget, and all kinds of other things. They’ll help you read your text messages and all that stuff. We won’t go too far into the rabbit hole of what these watches can do.

Of course, both watches are compatible with Garmin Pay. So, you can pay with your wrist without having to pull out your credit card.

In terms of what activities you can track between the Forerunner 945 and the Forerunner 745; they’re basically the same watch in this regard. They both have GPS, altimeter, compass and all those other sensors to give you all the best data you can get.

Training Status & Loads

Both watches also support training status, training load, and training focus which try to give you a better idea of how the training volume is affecting your fitness over time. When they displayed this data, we saw that they were almost identical in the way they perform.

Heart Rate Monitoring & Pulse-OX

Both the Garmin Forerunner 745 and 945 offer Garmin’s latest heart rate sensor which features a blood oxygen saturation sensor as well.

Music Storage

Both of these watches also have the ability to store music on the device itself for offline playback (do not need your phone with you). This is great, especially for those shorter runs where you just don’t want to go out with too much stuff.

Bottom-line for Garmin Forerunner 745 vs 945

Bottom-line for Garmin Forerunner 745 vs 945. So, which one you should get, the Forerunner 745 or the Forerunner 945? We recommend going with the Forerunner 945 every day, all day. The only reason we could see that the Forerunner 745 is a good option would be the size of Forerunner 945. The Forerunner 745 is a little bit smaller and, therefore it’s a little bit easier to put on your wrist. If you have really small wrists, it might be a better option. But, the Forerunner 945 has full offline mappings and way longer battery-life.

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