Brooks Addiction GTS 15 Review: Best for Heavy Body Weights [2023]

This time, we had a test run with the Brooks Addiction and would like to share our first impression on Brooks Addiction GTS 15 review. First of all, Brooks Addiction GTS is a support shoe! So, as you know that there is tons of Brooks Support Shoe. In this particular case, what makes the Addiction GTS unique? Is it worth buying or you should look something else? We will answer them all, and ease your decision.

Brooks Addiction GTS 15 Review
Expert Score for Addiction GTS 15

Here is a chart we have put together to help you understand Brooks Addiction GTS 15’s design intention better:

CriteriaAddiction GTS 15 Review
Our Score81/100
Our Selection forBest for Heavy Body Weights
SupportSevere Pronation
FeelPlush Cushioning (3/3)
FlexibilityFlexible (4/5)
Drop-mm (M/W)12
Weight-gr (M/W)346/315
Width OptionsNarrow/Normal/Wide/XWide
Expert InsightIn-depth Review
Deals & DiscountsRates Men’s / Women’s

So, for what purpose do we use Brooks Addiction GTS 15? Basically, the Brooks Addiction GTS 15 is built for stability. If you are on your feet all the day, the Addiction GTS can offer you the extra support and the plush feeling you desired.

Brooks Addiction 14 vs Addiction GTS 15: Updates and Key Differences

We would like to start off our review with Addiction 14 vs Addiction GTS 15 comparison. You might be wondering the updates and key differences between the old and the new version of the Brooks Addiction.

So, what is new with the GTS 15? Here is the main difference between Brooks Addiction 14 and Brooks Addition GTS 15:

  • The first, Brooks just implemented its GuideRails Technology on the Addiction 14 and released it as the Addiction GTS 15. Frankly, this is the only update on the Brooks Addiction series which is worth noting.
  • The second, Brooks also trimmed the weight a little bit on the Addiction GTS 15 in comparison to Addiction 14. But, this is not a remarkable improvement. So, the Addiction GTS 15 is 0.4 oz lighter than the Addiction 14.

To sum up, the Addiction GTS 15 has GuideRails technology which delivers holistic support to allow your hips, knees and joints to move naturally.

Upper Unit Review

The upper of Addiction GTS 15 is made of form-fitting engineered mesh which increases the comfort with the seamless design. It is surprisingly breathable thanks to perforations on the upper.

When we laced the shoe, we realized that there are synthetic overlays on the sides and back of the Addiction GTS 15. These features provide adaptive fit and they are highly supportive.

Midsole & Cushioning Review

The midsole technology of the Addiction GTS 15 is the BioMoGo DNA which keeps a good balance between softness and responsiveness. So, the Addiction GTS 15 is not the softness and the most responsive Brooks Running Shoe (you should look for the ones using DNA Loft midsole for the best responsiveness and softness), but it has a good performance in overall.

Brooks removed the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) from the new Addiction series and implemented the GuideRails technology instead. The Guide Rails works very well and allows your hips, knees and joints to move naturally while providing the needed support. You can check out our “Adrenaline GTS 22 Review” to learn more about the GuideRails technology of the Brooks, since we already explained what the Guide Rails is in there.

Outsole Review

The Addiction GTS 15 is extremely durable. It is definitely designed to last. The outsole is one-piece. Therefore, the shoe does not flex too much. But, this makes GTS 15 a great shoe for the ones with Pedorthic needs.

Pros and Cons for Addiction GTS 15

Based on our hands on run test, here we listed the Pros and Cons for the Brooks Addiction GTS 15.

Pros for Addiction GTS 15:

  • GuideRails Technology for Holistic Support
  • Great for Heavy Body Weight and Severe Pronation
  • Plush Feeling – Top Comfort
  • Extremely Durable

Cons for Addiction GTS 15:

  • Heavy compared to its contenders
  • Not so breathable

Bottom-line for Brooks Addiction GTS 15 Review

Our Verdict for Brooks Addiction GTS 15 Review: We definitely recommend it to anyone looking for maximizing the comfort and support on each stride. There is also one more factor which makes the Addiction GTS 15 unique. And it is very suitable for the heavy body weights.

Frankly, we appreciate Brooks since they removed the traditional support system from the Addiction series but implemented the GuideRails on the GTS 15. We received very positive feedback from the field considering the GuideRails.

The only down side of Addiction GTS 15 could be the weight. It is heavier compare to its contenders. However, it pays off as ultimate comfort and support.

One of the most popular Brooks running shoe for pronation is the Brooks Adrenaline. So, it could be compelling to decide which one will be the best option for you since Both Addiction and Adrenaline have GuideRails technology on them. If you are in between of these two running shoes, we strongly encourage you to read our “Brooks Addiction vs Adrenaline GTS” post.

You can also consider checking out our “Best Running Shoes for Men & Women” article to get a clear picture of the great running shoes out there.

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