Bushcraft is a group of knowledge and skills sets. It contains a love of nature in its center and allows a person to get to know its environment in nature and to sustain its life through it. Long story short, it is the discipline of being able to sustain life in nature.

A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

All people have a connection to nature. Being in a natural environment like forestland allows us to realize its richness. We already go for a walk and camping to enjoy the richness of nature. Acquiring Bushcraft skills allows us to take these experiences further and makes us feel safer.

Bushcraft describes the use of natural materials that we can find in the wild. It also contains the skills used by our ancestors. By acquiring these skills, the person can quickly adapt to changing conditions in the wild and has an extraordinary ability to improvise. These skills help a person to learn how to live in nature without depending on technology or outside help.

Bushcraft includes many skills such as being able to light fires, build a shelter, find a water supply, hunt, finding directions, which will allow a person to survive in the wild. Briefly, this discipline is not only about survival, but also being able to succeed in the wilderness.

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