Solo Camping Remarkable Tips: Watch Out For These Surprising Facts

Solo Camping is a dream to escape from chaos of the city. Being alone in nature, enjoying silence and finding peace are priceless. However, pay attention to these beforehand.

Gain Experience Before Solo Camping

If you have not camped before, you should first go to paid and safe camping sites to gain experience. You should definitely not make your first camp alone in nature without any experience.

Inform People

Let your friends or family members know your destination. Before you go out, you should inform them about your route (if you are going to more than one destination), your average accommodation time, and your return time. If your internet connection is available in your location, keep your location updated by making notifications at regular intervals. If there is no internet but only phone calls are available, make sure to inform at least one person periodically, before and after moving.  No matter how cautious you are, accidents happen without warning. Therefore always take precautions.

Pay Attention to Which Equipment You will Get with You

Solo Camping Emergency Equipment

When you go for solo camping, your best friends will be your equipment. So make sure you have the right equipment with you. It is not enough just to have a tent. Although equipment varies depending on your route and time, we listed the basic ones (MUST) as follows;

Knowledge Saves Lives If You Go for Solo Camping

One of the most terrible thing in nature is ignorance. I am sorry about that but ignorance is not bliss. Even in a very normal situation, the simple mistakes you make can endanger your life. For this reason, you need to learn some basic information before going out to nature on your own.

The Most Basic Information – You can Add Other Items as Well:

solo camping hillside cliff bushcraft
  • It is very easy to climb to high rocky cliffs or hillside but difficult to descend. Before you go to such places, do your return calculations well.
  • If there is a heavy fog in your area, do not leave your place until the fog disappears. You may face with serious problems, especially in high altitude places.
Fog Set Up tent pack up Tent
  • In rainy weather, if you are at high altitude, you should set up or pack up your tent afterwards. Otherwise, there is a possibility of lightning strikes. Moreover, never set-up your tent under trees in heavy rainy weather due to risk of lightning strikes.
lightining Strike at camp hike
  • Do not eat unfamiliar plants and fruits. Make sure the potable water is clean. You don’t want to experience poisoning or serious health problems.
Potable Water Clean Water

Stay Calm

When you are alone in nature, the thing that will help you the most is thinking clearly. Therefore, try to stay calm and find logical solutions in any abnormal circumstance. Being hasty will make your situation even more insolvable. For this reason, try to keep a level head and find rational solutions to problems.

We wish everyone peaceful, happy and beautiful camps that will not upset their loved ones.