Bushcraft 101: Application of the State of Survival

Welcome to bushcraft 101. What is Bushcraft? In fact, for centuries bushcraft is the application of the state of survival of humans in nature, now it is a sports branch today.

Living in nature is troublesome and boring for most people when viewed from here with today’s facilities. Even 5-star hotels on holiday times can be uncomfortable for some people.

Because of some reasons, humans forget how they lived in the past. We’ve come a long way to the present day. The technology and its advancements are magnificent. Past is old and tiresome. That’s why they moved away from human nature. Even when people go out into the wild, their comfort still remains at the forefront. Equipment such as insulated tents, tent-type air conditioners, soft sleeping bag footers are charming to people.

That’s where Bushcraft comes in. This sport, which offers the chance to live in nature in the proper meaning of the word, has become popular today. it is natural as in ancient times, and rapidly becoming widespread with an understanding that rejects modernity.

The purpose of this branch is very simple: Use your hands. The most important material for the activity is your hand skills.

Intro to Bushcraft 101

Making a sharp instrument out of a piece of stone, lighting fires without a lighter, sheltering in nature without tents are the situations that this sport involves. It will make your job easier, if you know about these situations. If you have hand skills, you can taste them to the end of nature.

If you are interested in bushcraft:

  • Nature and Material Information
  • Dexterity
  • Durability
  • Patience

Those are things that you need to have.

As with any sport, you need to procure some equipment to conduct this sport. If we look at these in the order;

Bushcraft 101 Essentials

Cutting Tools (Axe & Knife)

Essential Things for  Buschraft

Cutting tools are indispensable equipment in bushcraft 101. So we can start with a good knife to make it easier for us. In general, steel and short grip blades are more preferable. Because sometimes you need to cut a wood by these knives when it is necessary.

Axe is an important equipment. Again, we can easily cut and shred stuffs by a good steel axe.

Lighter is a Must for Buscraft 101

Fire Lighter is extremely improtant for the Buscraft 101: State of Survival

Life cannot be without fire! That’s why fire is what we need the most in nature. We can find found and water but we are very unlikely to find fire by hanging around in nature.

When it comes to fire, what comes to mind is to cook our food and warm up in front of the fire while sipping our warm coffee. But those are not the only ways that we use fire. When we found a source of water, we need fire to boil the water to make it sterile. It also serves us as a source of light in night and on our journey. Fire is also important to protect ourselves from wild animals found in nature. It can also help us save our lives by using it as a signal to reveal ourselves.

After we understand the importance of fire, the way you can light a fire is magnesium bar. This apparatus is very popular because it can be used even in a rainy weather. Using this apparatus requires a lot of work and skill though. The most important part you need to note when buying the magnesium bar is that there should be plenty of sparks on the rod section of bar when you use it. It should also be graspable on the handle part.


Parachute ropes, often called paracords, are preferred in this sport.


Although aluminum is harmful to health, it is also among the most preferred equipment.


One of the most essential things for a sporter dealing with bushcraft is the cover. Rain-resistant materials such as tarpaulins and awnings are preferred, but the main material that makes this sport special is waxed canvas fabric. This equipment, which is sold in ponchos or certain sizes, offers us shelter in nature. It is sold in different sizes such as 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 4m x 3m. There are tents which are made of wax canvas fabric as well, you may think about.

Materials listed above are the basic materials for bushcraft, but as a matter of sport, we can make these equipment ourselves in nature.

We can make knives by making cutting tools from some stones, as people used to do in ancient times. Again, by making rope from the ivy, we can obtain fire from the tinder formed by friction. We can also build shelter by using branches and shrubs or even moss.

You you can have the listed abilities above by training and hard work. We can’t get to the right place with ear-to-ear methods. Especially in equipment preferences, this issue should be well researched and you should get help from experienced people.

The most important thing about this sport is the survival. We have to remember that! The materials and equipment we’re going to take with us have to be simple and few so we can enjoy the sport.

Thank you for your time. I hope Bushcraft 101 was helpful.

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