How to Choose a Backpack: Complete Package [2023 Guide]

Here is the list to consider when choosing a backpack. You should start measuring the adjustability, suspension, weight and comfort. The camping bag-backpack is one of the most important thing that a camper or hiker needs. Thanks to its flexible structure, many materials & equipment can fit in.

We have done tons of researches and tests to come up with the best backpacks and the best daypacks in the market place. The following articles includes our tests results and some technical features of the backpacks & daypacks, also it may help you to find the one that best fits on you!

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The bag should be adjustable according to your back. Thanks to the straps on the waist, the weight is distributed proportionally between the shoulders and the waist.

When you go camping or hiking, you need to be able to fit all the necessary equipment in backpack. This eases to move and helps to carry the extra materials of your mates as well.

Choosing a backpack which is the right one is crucial for a hiker

Things to Consider When Choosing a Backpack

  • The backpack must fit on the back. The adjustability of it must match your back size. Not every backpack is adjustable to suit every person. When buying a it, trying a filled up backpack is a more reliable to decide whether it will fit on your back or not. After it is adjusted to the back, check if you can move your head comfortably. Then, you can check if backpack parts sting on your back.
  • It is very important for a backpack to be durable. It seems not to be torn from weak places and should have durable seams.
  • When purchasing backpack, pay attention to its volume. If its volume is 60 + 10, it means that it has 60 liters of space and it can stretch about 10 liters more. Sometimes, the number after + can be a small bag given with a big one. A 60-liter backpack will be enough for a five-day camp.
  • It must have metal supports.
  • Pay attention to its properties according to the purpose of use. (Raincoat etc.)
  • The price should not be too expensive compared to its features. In addition, expensive ones are usually not needed at all in the camps.
Things to consider when choosing backpacking backpack

Putting Things Right in the Place-Backpacking

  • Things should be placed in a order according to the needs. Items that you need to reach all times such as raincoat/ponchos, lanterns should be on top, and items that you need to reach more rarely such as spare clothes should be at the bottom.
  • Heavy items should be lower than light items. Because the center of gravity of the backpack should be at the same level of yours.
  • When you wear the backpack, there should be enough space between your back / waist and backpack to allow air to pass. The places where the it touches your body should be like it does not contradict the human anatomy.
  • You should place related materials such as socks in a single bag then tie the bag. It helps us to find these items more easily and prevents our belongings in rainy weather.
Parts of Backpacking Backpakcs
Backpacking Example

Now you know everything about choosing a backpack. It is time to check out the best backpacks in the online stores. Don’t worry, we prepared the following two articles to help you find your pack:

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