Simple And Best Camping Foods [Guide 2023]

If you are planning a trip for the weekend, you should bring simple and best camping foods with you! That is what we need when we go camping. Let’s take a look at the musts for camping foods and a beautiful menu.

Camping is an enjoyable but a tiring activity. For those who find doing sports at home or in gym boring, camping and other outdoor activities are the most ideal physical activities. You use your full body. You spend too much energy and therefore, should pay attention to which foods and nutrition you take in. Especially, if you are going to spend a long time in nature, camping food becomes more important in this regard. Therefore, you should choose simple and best camping foods based on your needs.

Musts for Camping Foods

The food you need to take with you should be very high in terms of nutrition and calorie. Moreover, the food should have a large variety of ingredients. What I mean you cannot just consume protein, instead have a balanced diet.

Choose Foods That Does not Decay Easily

Sausage is a great option to bring to camp. It does not decay easily and cooks fast
Simple And Best Camping Foods

What you choose may vary depending on the weather, but it is good to consider as the weather is hot. Meat and chicken produces bacteria very quickly in hot weather, therefore it is better to prefer sausage. By this, you can prevent undesirable situations during the camp. Packaged food is ideal for this. Even, it would be great, if it is both packed and vacuumed. Water is vital, no matter if it is summer or winter; never forget to drink it regularly. Always have them more.

Make Easy to Carry Choices

Find your foods that you can easily carry during your camping trip
Make Easy to Carry Choices

Especially if you are traveling with a backpack, this is very important for you. No matter how large the backpack is, you need to choose all your belongings carefully and in a certain number. Food selection becomes even more important as the number and weight of materials you should carry increases in winter camps. Prepare 1 to 2 days of extra food

Campers know that carrying food back is very difficult, but you cannot ignore bringing extra food with you.

Because you may want to:

  • Spend more time in a place you like.
  • Have to stay extra days due to weather conditions such as snow, rain etc.
  • Need to extend the camp due to problems such as vehicle breakdown or injury.

To be ready for these situations, make sure to bring extra food for 1 to 2 days with you. It can be difficult to carry and store, but it saves lives in a difficult situation.

Choose Filling But Ligtweight Foods

It is very important to choose foods with the least weight but the most nutritional value. By this way, the load you will carry will be less and you will fill it up easily and quickly.

Simple And Best Camping Foods

Eggs are the Simple And Best Camping Foods

Here is our list you should have with you when you go camping Breakfast

  • Fruits: For example bananas are very nutritious. It also  helps you to regain the potassium you lose while walking. Fruit such as apples and oranges will keep you fit and fresh.
  • Tea or coffee: this choice depends entirely on your personal preferences. If you go camping in winter, you may bring tea or coffee with you. It speeds up your metabolism and protects you from the cold.
  • Bread or Sandwich: A food containing carbohydrates will always help you regain your energy.
  • Packaged vacuum cheeses: It is easy to transport and a good source of protein.
  • Egg: A very important source of protein and fat.

Lunch and dinner

Potates are the simplest Simple Camping Foods

The choices for lunch and dinner vary depending on the cooking equipment you have. If you do not have materials such as a camping pot, choose foods that do not need cooking.

  • Things like Pretzel are easily transportable foods
  • Canned tuna: this option is for the ones does not have cooking equipment .
  • Canned soup
  • Potato /  Noodle: You can cook them very easily and they have a rich content of carbohydrate.
Noodle is the Best Camping Foods
Lunch and dinner

Finally, do remember, everything you eat in nature will be much more delicious, thanks to the fresh air you breathe in and the signals that physical activities send to your brain.


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