First Time Campers: Our Guide to Outdoor [2023 Advice]

If you’ve never camped before, you can make your camping dream come true by the golden suggestions to first time campers we offer.

When it is spring or summer, there’s no obstacle to get your tent and make camp you’ve always dreamed of. Of course, this applies to those who have adopted the camp life. If you’ve never camped before, you can make your camping dream come true by the golden suggestions to first time campers we offer. Before we get started, you should start to spend money and get a nice tent. If your tent is big and comfortable, the camping will be more enjoyable.

We claim that once you get used to camp, you’ll never pay for hotels again. This is proven by experience.

Guidence for First Time Campers

We prepared the following list of suggestion for the first time campers:

Fınd Some One Who Has Camping Experience

This is our first rule rather than  an advice  It doesn’t matter how many people you go with, if none of you have experience, you’ll have a lot of trouble. It is nice to get in touch with nature, wake up with the sounds of birds, get together around the fire, but if you do not know how to light a fire, this holiday will turn into hell. Therefore, go with someone who has experience. It means that you will have no problems with where and how to set up your tent, how to light a fire, how to cook food, what to take with you and so on.

Always Check the Weather Condition

weather condition 9 Golden Wonderful Suggestions to First Time Campers

The weather in some areas can be quite volatile. So, just checking the weather before you set out, may not be enough. You should keep a tool handy that checks the weather forecast all the time. It is useful to check the weather 3-4 times a day. If you don’t do it and don’t have any 4×4 with you, the road you come from becomes slippery due to rain and you get stuck in your tent. Maybe I exaggerated it a little J

Make a Shopping List Wheter You Are Experienced or First Time Campers

Shopping List 9 Golden Wonderful Suggestions to First Time Campers

This will not only save your time, but also helps to keep things going as planned. By the way, you should just focus on your needs, do not spend money to get redundant things. You can decide the amount of things you get based on the number of days you stay.

Don’t Forget to Bring These with You

Sleeping bag 9 Golden Wonderful Suggestions to First Time Campers

Mat and sleeping bag; If you do not take it, you will get very cold.

If you have to set up tent in the dark like us, have a headlamp. When it gets dark, your best friend will be the headlamp. You need it in case of searching for something in your tent, going from somewhere to your tent or going to the toilet .

Headlamp Golden Wonderful Suggestions to First Time Campers

Hand towel; do not forget your towel. When you wash your face and brush your teeth, you will always remind the towel in your home.

Apart from what we mentioned above, you will need coal to light a fire and a camping chair to sit.

The Toilet Problem for the Fırst Tıme Campers

We came to the most sensitive subject. If you are not at a camping site with shared toilet, This can be a big problem for the first time campers. For the people who can easily leave it to nature, there is a toilet everywhere. However, some of us may have a hard time in this regard. Unfortunately, coffee in one hand and newspaper on the other hand mode is not there, sorry. There won’t be a McDonald’s nearby where you can use the toilet.  You should be aware of this before go to camp.

Never Leave Your Tent’s Zipper Open – The Most Commen Mistake by First Time Campers

Unzipped tent Never Leave Your Tent's Zipper Open

If you leave your tent unzipped, it means you are very hospitable. As a result of your hospitality, you will have a lot of guests, mosquitos. They will not leave you in peace, trust me. You will have to do an operation to get rid of them which takes hours. Never leave your tent’s zipper open, so that no insect bothers you.

Eat Energizing Things

Eat Energizing Things

There should be something energizing in your shopping list. When I say energizing, I’m talking about foods rich in carbohydrates (consult your doctor if you have any health problem).

You can get bars with hazelnuts, pistachios, molasses or 1-2 of your favorite biscuits, chocolate or honey. Of course, it is also very pleasant to fry marshmallows over the campfire in the evening. I tried it for the first time, it is very delicious. You should you try it too.

Take Fleece With You No Matter What Season

You may manage in summer with a thin sweater, but in spring, fleece is essential. Otherwise, you cannot stay in the evening. Don’t be fooled by the daytime hot weather, in the evening it may be cooler than you might think.

It’s also an effective way to get your tracksuit into your long socks. This will not only keep you warm but also you’ll be significantly protected from the insect bites.

Wear Old and Trivial Clothes

Otherwise, you’ll be sorry. Because they will get very dirty.

Due to splash of campfire or tree branches ripping of the clothes, you will not use them in daily life again. There’s no going back.

Thank you for making our “9 Wonderful Suggestions to the First Time Campers” article worth to read. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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